JotCast for Artists

Grow and interact with your fanbase

Every artist begins outside of the mainstream. At first, even the biggest household name had a small-but-dedicated group of fans. Moderated chats are a great way to give those fans a chance to get to know you better. Allowing your fanbase to connect with you in a more personal way makes it more likely that they'll talk to their friends about you, facilitating growth of your audience.

Share materials in real-time

When you finally complete the song, painting, or artistic endeavor you've been working on forever, it's exciting to get it out there. You can easily share pictures and video in a JotCast chat, which means you can release your work into the world and to your dedicated followers as soon as you're ready. This can give your fans the opportunity for exclusive first-looks and first-listens.

Foster creativity

Just as you can share your work with fans in real-time, those fans can share their feedback. By opening the door to conversations, ideas can be shared and explored. Creativity can flourish. Artist and patron can come together to create a community that's ripe for brainstorming.

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