JotCast for Corporations


Corporations can often seem like faceless entities, and staff can become tangled in bureaucratic red tape and company guidelines. A moderated chat allows customers to see the individuals behind the institution, adding personality to the brand they already know. JotCast can make it easier to relate to your customers and understand their needs and concerns, and just as important, it will make it easier for your customers to see your company as engaging and approachable.

Direct communication with control

While a company may have a blog, a media kit, and social media feeds, a moderated chat is useful for getting your message out to customers and hearing their feedback without the interruption of internet trolls. It's real-time, two-way communication where you can steer the conversation by deciding what gets published. Hear directly from the people you're trying to reach and respond immediately.

Easy integration

JotCast is designed to work in conjunction with your company's other methods of communication. If something happens in a chat that you think the rest of your customers would want to know about, you can easily post it on Twitter or your blog. Integration with your networks means that your message will be consistent and cohesive.

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