JotCast for Journalists


In addition to informing readers, it's important for the media to connect with audiences. Papers and websites are most effective when they're a part of the communities they cover. The chance to form a more personal relationship can create valuable sources for journalists while making readers more invested in a story.

Idea generation

Journalists need to have their fingers on the pulse of trends and concerns that matter to the public. What better way to make sure stories are connecting with the public than talking to readers directly and hearing their comments and questions? Moderated chats can be a great way to facilitate ideas for future stories and pitches.

Real-time updates

Accuracy is paramount for journalists. Given the speed necessary to compete in the 24-hour news cycle, sometimes a story needs to be reported and updated as it unfolds. Whether it's a court battle, a boardroom deal, or a sport event, a moderated chat allows for a real-time updates to be posted to readers following a story as it happens.

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