JotCast for Teachers


No matter what subject you're teaching, the most important aspect is getting the information across in a way that students can understand. The majority of communication is nonverbal, and communication works best when it can be reinforced in a variety of different ways -- with text and emoticons, for example -- so that the message is clear. Furthermore, in large discussions, straying from the topic at hand can lead to distraction and wasted time, so it's important for comments to be germane to the discussion.

Time Management

There are so many things fighting for time -- both yours and your students. With various responsibilities and activities, it can feel like you're always racing the clock. Using the flexibility of the internet, you can meet with students at the times that work best for everyone. You can tutor and hold test prep anytime, anywhere.


Part of connecting with students is meeting them where they are -- whether that's using the technology they favor or relating to them with pop culture. Moreover, it's just as important to have a relationship with parents and to have a community outside of work. Being easy to reach can be key to forming relationships, both personally and professionally.

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