Answers to Your Questions About Injuries in Youth Sports
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Susie, Chostocondritis is typically a reproducible tenderness along the edges of the sternum. It is typically self-limited and does not cause any shortness of breath or light-headedness with exertion. If your son is experiencing these symptoms, further work up would be advised
My daughter did gymnastics for 5 years. Her hip started popping she did pt to stretch her tendons but that hasn't  help. It doesn't pop all the time but when it does she has pain for alittle.  Unsure what to do. Been to the dr. twice he just keeps saying do the exercises but it hasn't helped her. Thanks.
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Bud, there are a few tendons that can cause snapping in the hip. Oftentimes, physical therapy can help relieve the pain from this condition. If symptoms are persistent despite exercises, further diagnostics with ultrasound or an MRI can help confirm the cause and direct additional treatment.
I sent a question in before this started asking about trends in lacrosse injuries... Also, what's the latest on safety of turf fields (especially the black rubber filler used) ?
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Karen, turf field technology has come a long way from the disastrous days of Veteran's Stadium. There is increased cushion and the ability for cleats to give way. I'm not aware of any significant dangers from the black rubber filler used in turf, but this does prevent some injuries by allowing the foot to slide rather than be locked in place.
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