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Product Overview
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Live blogging

Interact with your readers in real time when you live blog with JotCast! Creating a more personal connection with your audience leads to an increase in not only the amount of time a reader spends on your site, but also in the number of returning readers. Take suggestions or get feedback from readers directly, and you always maintain control of the conversation.

Class Lessons

JotCast can support many participants at once, which means your entire class can join a chat to talk to guest speakers or to learn about online publishing. Because all lessons are moderated, the teacher can ensure the content always stays appropriate and on-topic.

Real-time Q&A

JotCast is the perfect solution for hosting a focused online Q&A. Participants can ask questions directly to the moderators, who then pick which questions to publish and answer. This allows for readers to have direct access to their interview subject, but the subject decides what tone and direction the conversation takes.

  • Auto Refresh
    Real time updates without refreshing the page
  • Responsive
    Responsive design that works on any device
  • Multiple Moderators
    Multiple moderators can publish, edit, or reject user messages
  • Custom Code
    Embed chats directly into your website
  • Curate and import tweets in real time
  • Poll or quiz your audience for instant feedback
  • Private messages allow for one-on-one conversations
  • Easily add images and Youtube videos directly into the chat
  • Add custom advertisements to monetize your chats
  • Customizable themes to match the look and feel of your website
  • Interactive features to keep your readers engaged
  • Transcripts of your chats to easily export the content
Product Tutorial

Creating a chat is quick and easy. Just enter a name for the chat, and you're ready to go! Or, take some time to customize the settings for your event. It's also extremely simple to setup a recurring event every day, week, month, etc. - whatever meets your needs!

After you've created a chat, you can add additional moderators, or copy the embed code with the click of a button. JotCast offers two options for embedding - either placing an iframe into your website, or adding a link that will take your readers directly to the chat on

Once your chat is live, it's time to start publishing content. There are many different ways to add content to your chat. Moderators can add messages at any time. Moderators can also publish comments from your readers, or poll them and view the results in real-time. With our Twitter integration, you can publish tweets with a single click, or track specific users and hashtags and have tweets automatically publish without any moderator required at all!

While your event is running, JotCast will be gathering statistics behind the scenes for you to review, such as the number of readers, the number of messages received, percentage of messages answered, and more. You can monitor these metrics while the event is running, or take your time to look them over after your event is finished.

After your event is completed, it's incredibly easy to export the content to your own website. With the click of a button, we generate all the HTML for your transcript to be correctly formatted and added directly into your website. Transcripts are a simple way to add high-quality, organic content to your website!

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Client Experience

The Wildlife Center's Critter Cam and discussion is a vital part of our outreach to the public; while people love watching animals on camera, the critical part of our website is the moderated discussion. JotCast allows us to have a safe, friendly, easy-to-read, and engaging interaction with our supporters, and the platform is very easy to use for a wide range of users.

We've greatly enjoyed working with JotCast - they are very responsive, not just to our general questions and inquiries, but have been beyond responsive to our suggestions and "wish list" items. We've been excited to see a number of features added in the short time that we've used JotCast, which have continued to make using the platform a fun and engaging experience.

-- Amanda Nicholson, The Wildlife Center of Virgina

JotCast has been a very easy, cost-effective solution to implement our online chats. They have allowed for great scaling, going from as small as 34 [readers] to as many as 126 at any time with no lag. Best of all, their support is extremely responsive and efficient. They're also very open to feedback and extraordinarily responsive to feedback and suggestions. I've found JotCast to be a great product!

-- Will Fenton, University of Pennsylvania

The JotCast feedback is a BIG part of our LIVE shows. JotCast is the best way to give our fans and viewers an opportunity to engage with the hosts and the guests each show. JotCast gives us an edge over our competition in the digital media world when it comes to live and on-demand content.

-- Mark Jeffreys, Z3 Media LLC

We've really, really loved JotCast. It's been far superior to the software we were using [before]. Everything about it is better -- [like] the ability to take questions early and being able to edit answers. There are so many features that are positive, and I can't think of a way to improve upon it.

-- Eric Hansen, Notre Dame Insider