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August Fagerstrom FanGraphs Chat -- 12/29/15
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august fagerstrom
are any of them typically pictured with a bat?
doesn't the weird Rockies one usually have a bat?
being familiar with the equipment would be a huge plus
DINGER, that's his name. turns out I was wrong about him being pictured with a bat but his name is Dinger and he lives at Coors, so I'm changing my answer to him
he'd win a home run derby, at least
Why are Dodgers still considered front runners in nl west? Their lineup and pitching have stars but a lot of question marks after them.
august fagerstrom
where are all the question marks?
they could use another starter or two, definitely, but that can be addressed and it's not like their five-man rotation right now is bad, it's just not up to the recent Dodgers standard
and it still has Clayton Kershaw
second base could be viewed as a question mark, but Kike Hernandez has been nothing but great in his time in the bigs
beside that I don't see too many holes. looks like a damn fine team to me
I stumbled upon William Onyeabor from a random spotify playlist and I haven't been able to stop listening to him. Check his story out, really interesting. Baseball Q: Do you think Mikael Franco will have similar value to Miguel Sano over his career or is Franco down a tier?
august fagerstrom
yeah his stuff is just autoplaying on YouTube now and I'm really enjoying it
I like Sano quite a bit more than Franco
Why are many people predicting a phillies-like collapse of the Tigers? Outside of Verlander, Cabrera, Kinsler, and Martinez, their team is actually quite young. And even their older guys are still pretty good.
august fagerstrom
because in 2018 they'll have exactly $100 million tied up in a 35-year-old Verlander, a 35-year-old Miggy, a *39-year-old* Victor and a 32-year-old Zimmermann
group could still be fine
group could be aged and bad and there's nothing they could do about it
not many other teams who could potentially have $100 million unmovable dollars a few years down the road, which is the kind of situation that crippled the Phillies
Kylo Ren
pressing question:

convo started talking about THE REVENANT, then moved into leo, then into jeter. who has had more sexual partners: derek jeter or leonardo dicaprio?

argument for jeter: biggest athlete in nyc for 2 decades, well known YEAH JEETS story + celeb gift baskets, dated pretty much every "miss" winner in the world

argument for leo: starting at age 19, made gilbert grape, basketball diaries, romeo + juliet, then titantic. thats the recipe for the biggest teeny bopper celeb in the whole world. plus the yacht parties.

im gonna side with leo.

i wish fangraphs would answer this question for me.
august fagerstrom
gonna say Leo
wow they're the exact same age
yeah, Leo, though. he lives the bachelor life so hard
Do you personally care if an athlete takes HGH?
august fagerstrom
personally as in does it affect my judgment of their character? if that's the case, no. i wish they wouldn't do it, it makes me a little sad, but I don't think guys are lying/cheating/scummy people if they do
rick hahn
Am i signing Cespedes, Upton or Gordon?
august fagerstrom
not sure if you're asking me to choose one or if this is a yes-or-no question
the longer this all goes on the more I kind of think the White Sox end up with one of them
could see Upton in a White Sox uni
The Cub's mascot Clark doesn't wear pants. He'd be a speed demon. Everyone knows pants only slow you down!!
The Brewers mascot probably can mash. Basing this completely on mustache power.
august fagerstrom
important points
The Padres mascot often has a bat... fat man with a bat = slugger at first base! Also the monkish dedication to his craft has gotta help.
The Dude of NY
Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Creates a powerful Steamer projection That hates your favorite team's roster selection And dooms them for failure, fate predestined
What do you think about Jason Heyward playing a full season in center?
august fagerstrom
think he'll be just fine
though the Cubs outfield defense as a whole is still very suspect, being that he's flanked by bottom ten? five? defensive corner outfielders
I'm not sure what to make of Byron Buxton. Is he a good baseball player or just a great athlete that plays baseball?