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August Fagerstrom FanGraphs Chat -- 4/26/16
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Big Joe Monferrant
Hmmmm, youre saying Lindor is more fun than Beltre?
august fagerstrom
I posted something on Twitter about Lindor being the most fun player in baseball and I got alllll these tweets about "WHAT ABOUT BELTRE/ANDRUS/SAL PEREZ, ETC."
can we just enjoy a player being really fun and not turn everything into a debate
I'm not like actively dissing Adrian Beltre by calling Francisco Lindor the most fun. I'm pointing out that he's really fun and we should all enjoy him
have you read The Arm? it sounds amazing.. I feel like the stories in there are insane
august fagerstrom
about a third of the way through and planning to knock out a good chunk as soon as I wrap up this mega-chat and eat some lunch. love it so far. Jeff is such a good writer
speaking of which
I've chatted for about 90 minutes!
Gonna wrap this up and do those things now
Thanks for hanging out, everyone! sorry for all the questions I didn't/couldn't get to, today. The queue was a madhouse