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August Fagerstrom FanGraphs Chat -- 8/23/16
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august fagerstrom
I think in most cases, we should succumb to the fact that the computers are smarter than us. In that case, where a non-injury physically affected his ability to perform for several hundred plate appearances, I'm sympathetic to the idea of throwing the data out the window, which the projections of course cannot do
Vince Clortho
Is this a young person chat? Jon Lieber was really good for a while! I'm only 37, damn you Time
august fagerstrom
FWIW, I'm 25 and remember Jon Lieber very clearly. I'm not sure how Snowflake missed him, though he was in NY for just one year, so it's not entirely indefensible
Alright y'all, I know I said I'd go long, but the queue is starting to dry up and I've actually gotta jet. Thanks for chatting and reading!
Until next week...