Bill Brink's Pirates chat: 5.31.17
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If the Pirates traded Cole to the Yankees and they offered Torres + a few other pieces, you would have to take that wouldn't you?
Bill Brink
I don't think it makes sense to trade Cole if they think they can contend next year, which I think is a reasonable assumption at this point given the ways in which this year has gone sideways. If they did trade him now, the acquiring team would get two and a half years of him, so he'd be very valuable, though I don't think the Yankees would trade Torres.
Fish Monger
Hi Bill just curious why Bob Hitting won't increase payroll to a still below avg but reasonable 115-120 million. That would get us better offensive players and show the fans he actually might care about winning. Don't you think a 91 million dollar payroll after the successful year they had is an insult to the fans?
Bill Brink
It does seem reasonable after increasing the payroll every year since 2010 that it would continue to grow, especially as league-wide revenue (and thus revenue sharing) continues to grow. That is especially heightened after what the offense has done this year and how Kuhl and Glasnow have pitched, though I do think the offense has a good deal to do with Marte and Kang's absence.
I guess I don't understand the Cole trade talk. He is with the Pirates through 2019. Why does that mean he is tradeable now? I know multiple pieces, but I thought the idea of having homegrown talent was that you could keep them through their cheap contract years while they are high performers?
Bill Brink
Important to note that just because teams want Cole doesn't mean the Pirates want to trade him. Much more likely McCutchen and/or Watson are moved. You're right about having homegrown controllable talent at affordable salaries. I'd be on the alert for a Cole trade next deadline or after next season, when he's a year away from free agency. The flip side is that the more control he has left for the acquiring team, the more value he has, so the Pirates could get a haul if they did move him.
That's it for today, sorry to cut it short but gametime approaches. We'll do this again next week from Baltimore. Thanks for all the great questions!