Jeff Sullivan FanGraphs Chat -- 1/13/17
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Jeff Sullivan
Yes, the Reds will also be up there, because Hamilton is one of the greatest defenders in the world
Harper just got a huge raise in Arbitration to (a still ludicrously affordable) $13.5m. Largest raise ever going in to 3rd eligible year, far above his projections. Is this setting the table for a big extension? Or can the Nats still not afford it without heavy deferrals?
Jeff Sullivan
I think the Nats understand there's almost no way they keep Harper through free agency. His mind isn't going to be changed at all by an arbitration-year raise
All right, I need to get rolling. As you can imagine, it takes a while to get caught up when you're gone for two or three weeks
So thank you everybody for hanging out, and I'm sorry for what I didn't or couldn't address. We'll do it again next week at the same time, and until then, be well and have great days