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Jeff Sullivan FanGraphs Chat -- 1/15/16
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Jeff Sullivan
A little lower than that
The Cincinnati Kid
I know Spring Training and his early season performance (presumably in AA or even AAA) will matter, but as of today: is AJ Reed a Super 2, injury/emergency call-up, or September call-up?
Jeff Sullivan
I see him somewhere in June
Out of my way, Gyorkass!
What do you make of the recent ESPN article where they interviewed a number of AL executives who grumbled about a number of NL teams "tanking"? Sour grapes, or do they have a legitimate point? Do teams like the Brewers and/or Reds really have any other option with prior windows having closed?
Jeff Sullivan
I think right now we have an unusual number of teams at about the same place in the rebuilding cycle. The American League reflects what baseball probably *should* be -- a league where everyone thinks they have a shot. A few teams in the National League are working to undo damage from previous administrations. But once the tanking teams are back to being relevant, I'm not sure we'll really see that much tanking behavior again
So it's not a good look to have 4 or 5 or 6 teams in the same league doing nothing, but I think this is a fluke. It's the right course for all those teams, given how baseball operates. There's no better alternative
Why cant teams quit Rodney? "MLB Network's Jon Heyman reports that Fernando Rodney and the Padres are "closing in on a deal."
Jeff Sullivan
He still throws 95
All right, I need to roll -- got a phone call to make.
So thank you everybody for hanging out, and I'm sorry for what I didn't or couldn't address. We'll do it again next week at the same time, and until then, be well and have great days