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Jeff Sullivan FanGraphs Chat -- 2/19/16
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Eno was asked about this yesterday, but curious your thoughts as well. The Mariners and Brewers were used as examples - would you rather see your team try to retool and shoot for the mid-80s or go into rebuild mode and try to stockpile young talent? Are the Brewers or Mariners more likely to win the World Series in the next ten years?
Jeff Sullivan
I think the Mariners are more likely, because they're the better team now, and that's the only thing we can count on
My own perspective is that, while I could get behind a rebuild, my preference is to just try to consistently be decent enough. Even if it's not the "right" model in the big picture, I get so bummed out by losing. All I want on any given day is a faint glimmer of hope that it could be a playoff season. Rebuilds take that away
In the NHL, I like the Senators, and the Senators are bad, but they're just okay enough that I can keep clinging to the idea of a miracle run. I don't want to give that up. Give me a half-decent product, with one or two players I really really like, and I'm satisfied
Jeff Sullivan
If baseball were a volcano, we're not at the point of an eruption, but there are signs of increased activity under the surface
The streams are getting warmer. Summit vents are degassing. Though imperceptible to humans, small earthquakes are catching the attention of various instruments
Cecil Fielder
trying to decide between purchasing a throwback 1992 barry bonds jersey, or a 2016 goldy dbacks jersey. what do you think?
Jeff Sullivan
My gut tells me Goldschmidt but you should first consider just where you would be wearing said jersey
Situational context here is critical
Pale Hose
Is it possible the Mets have the hardest throwing starting rotation ever? This would be despite Bartolo Colon.
Jeff Sullivan
I think I'd be a little surprised if they didn't
IN order, who is prettier, an octopus, Taylor Swift, you, or Kendrys Morales.
Jeff Sullivan
Really this just comes down to the ocopus and Kendrys Morales

Octopus (79.2% | 141 votes)
Kendrys Morales (20.8% | 37 votes)

Total Votes: 178
Putting it to a poll, let's see where things settle real quick
Early leader by a 2-to-1 margin: octopus
Octopus starting to run away with it now
Big fans of octopi right here
Do you see any trade connection between the White Sox and the Braves, now that Fowler is most likely off the market? I could see any one of Markakis, Inciarte, or Aybar making sense in a deal there.
Jeff Sullivan
I think it would be a little bit of a stretch -- the White Sox are running out of spending money, and there's also a league-wide perception that they don't have much youth to deal away. So I'm not convinced they could afford an Inciarte, and relative to Aybar they'd probably just keep Saladino
There's still the Desmond option even if Fowler ends up in Baltimore
Which 1B/DH/bench bat would you prefer: Morneau or Alvarez?
Jeff Sullivan
Alvarez by a little. I'm intrigued by the possibility his offense might improve if he stops playing defense
And I don't mean "stops playing defense" in the way he did at first base for the Pirates. I mean if defense just weren't one of his responsibilities anymore
Kevin Cash
Did PECOTA projecting the Rays for 91 wins and the AL East title do anything to change your evaluation of their playoff chances headed into the season?
Jeff Sullivan
It surprised me, that's for sure
I don't buy it, in that I don't think the Rays are that good, but I do think the Rays are a little underrated. Per usual, not a lot of household-name value, but plenty of depth all over the place
For example, even if the Orioles end up with Gallardo and Fowler, I still think it's a coin flip who's better between them and the Rays. Although in fairness I do love the Baltimore bullpen
Why haven't more teams traded with the Diamondbacks? Also, can the league ever step in and deem a trade too lopsided? If they could, I imagine they would have on the Miller trade (that might be better off called the Enciarte or Swanson trade).
Jeff Sullivan
Teams frequently check in with the Diamondbacks because everyone knows what's been going on, but you can't just force fits or interest. Always has to be mutual and especially now after the Miller trade, the Diamondbacks have less available of intrigue
I believe the commissioner does have veto power -- Bowie Kuhn vetoed some Oakland player sales in the 70s. There was talk a few years ago of MLB needing to veto the big trade between the Blue Jays and the Marlins
Of course, it turned out that trade was fine
It's funny to look back on. The Marlins added Henderson Alvarez, Anthony DeSclafani, Yunel Escobar, Adeiny Hechavarria, and Jake Marisnick
It was a massive trade, a shocking trade, and a trade that matched the Marlins' usual practices, but it sort of worked out pretty well for them
Hi Jeff, An exciting Philadelphia Phillies Question. Do you see Herrea holding the CF Job all year? Is Roman Quinn their CF of the future or just a 4th OF Speed Type?
Jeff Sullivan
Well there's already talk that Herrera might end up in left field, making room for Peter Bourjos
So that's inauspicious. But I like Herrera more than I like Quinn. Herrera, I think, is developing into a real everyday player
The Mariners have a lot of guys coming off down years. How should Dipoto and Servais approach them moving forward? I assume the leash is different from someone coming off a year more representative of their career averages. So, for example, how long of Leonys Martin continuing to play like Martin of 2015 instead of 2013-2014 does it take for that to become his new "mean"?
Jeff Sullivan
Buying low has been an obvious Mariners strategy and I can't imagine they think they'll hit on everyone they added. The leash is always a little shorter when your most recent season was bad, but the fact the Mariners added so many of these guys suggests they'll be patient with them