Jeff Sullivan FanGraphs Chat -- 3/10/17
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Jeff Sullivan
Oy. I would be safe to say yes, but he'll be pushed by Yelich, Harper, Cespedes, and Rendon
So it's not at all clear
5 Run Homer
So I was reading the BP Annual and the top PECOTA comps for Gary Sanchez are Ryan Lavarnway, Devin Mesoraco and Travis d'Arnaud. That's... not good, right?
Jeff Sullivan
The comps are not good, no, but the comps are also just for fun. Sanchez is his own player
I was listening to an old conversation of yours and Carson's about eating out maybe being a bad choice. For me, an underrated perk is not having to be in your own house.
Jeff Sullivan
This is the real benefit. Forget the quality of the food. Going out is just a break from sitting in your own miserable living room for a couple of hours
All right, I need to get rolling a few minutes earlier than usual
So thank you everybody for hanging out, and I'm sorry for what I didn't or couldn't address. We'll do it again next week at the same time, and until then, be well and have great days