Live Chat with MLBTR's Steve Adams: 5/2/17
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Steve Adams
The Mets are scrambling to find more starters... they're not moving one of their current options for yet another left-handed-hitting outfielder.
Top 3 NL 3b... Bryant, arenado, JT?
Steve Adams
Bryant and Arenado yes. Turner is close... I might consider getting Rendon in there, though.
Choking up with two strikes
When one of the outcomes, Ks, are worse than a groundout to second base in certain situations, why abandon a tried and true situational hitting strategy?
Steve Adams
K's are also better than a grounder to 2B in certain situations -- probably in more situations (runner on first, runners 1st and 2nd, bases loaded with 1-2 outs) than in a grounder to 2B (runners on 2nd/3rd, runner on 2nd, runner on 3rd).

Plus dingers get people paid. Advancing a runner to third doesn't.
Pine tar
I miss the manager and umpire arguments! Earl Weaver would have nothing to do with this replay thing!!
Steve Adams
I suppose I get that it's entertaining to some people, but I'd rather have correct calls and a minute or two watching some guys stand around a headset than watching a middle-aged or old man scream at another middle-aged/old man.
Hellickson the real deal this year? Do the Phils look to sign him long term or trade him at the deadline?
Steve Adams
Hellickson's velocity is down and he's not missing any bats. I'd be moderately concerned about that, but it's still early enough that either trend could be reversed. If he can get back to K'ing 7ish per nine and while continuing to minimize the walks, he's a reasonable third or fourth starter that makes for a nice rental option on the trade market. They're not going to extend him.
Any idea why many of the top young players and prospects in the game are shortstops?
Steve Adams
Shortstop is one of the hardest, if not the hardest position to play on the defensive spectrum. If you can hit whatsoever while playing a good shortstop, you're a star, and if you're athletic enough to handle SS well in your early 20s, it bodes well for you handling another position if you grow off of it.
Henry Owens
What happened to me? I was once a highly regarded prospect but now I have little to no value. What went wrong?
Steve Adams
There are hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of pitching prospects asking the same thing. Owens' control is still a mess, it seems. Most pitching prospects don't pan out. And a lot of the "really good" prospects that people get excited over end up as mid- or back-of-the-rotation arms. I think a lot of fans see a pitcher rated as the No. 75 prospect in baseball or something and envision him near the front of the rotation, when often that guy is just there because he has a high probability of being an innings-eating fourth starter.
Ok, I'm wrapping up for the week. We'll do it again next Tuesday, and I'm on Twitter if you have questions in the meantime: @Adams_Steve.

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