Live Chat with MLBTR's Steve Adams: 7/11/17
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Price is wrong
Heres a wild about Price for Donaldson?  Price hates Boston, they need a 3B, Price loved Toronto.  Maybe not as crazy as it sounds
Steve Adams
Blue Jays wouldn't go near the remainder of that contract, though.
Especially not at the cost of their current best player. If they move Donaldson (which seems unlikely) they'll get a huge haul of young talent back.
Who is more likely to be traded: Herrera, Kintzler or neither?
Steve Adams
Assuming you mean Kelvin Herrera? I don't think ether is moved, no.
Matt Klentak
Can I extract any value for Jeremy Hellickson, now that he's had a few decent starts going into the break?
Steve Adams
The results of his recent outings aren't going to dictate much. He's still not striking anyone out, aside from the one seven-K performance. If they pay most of the salary left on the deal, sure they can get a nominal prospect return from a club that's just looking for innings, but his value really isn't very high.
David k
Reed gets the Mets a top 50-75 prospect? Which other Mets with expiring contracts gets moved?
Steve Adams
Maybe some kind of top 100y bubble guy, I guess, but I think people kind of become slaves to the idea of landing someone on one of those lists, which in reality are always in a state of flux but only published a couple of times a year.

I think they'll move as many expiring deals as they can. Duda, Bruce, Grandy should all be in play
Alex Verdugo,Trayce Thompson,lower end prospect for McCutcheon and Cole.Do you make this trade?
Steve Adams
Not if I'm the Pirates. I'm consistently confused by the number of Dodgers fans who put Thompson into trade proposals for stars. That's not a knock on you, just a general comment. The guy is 26 years old with limited MLB success, a recent notable injury under his belt and he's not hitting at all in the minors this year.
If Homer Bailey can string a few more quality starts could the reds find a taker or would they have to take another bad contract back.
Steve Adams
No one's taking on the Bailey contract based on 3-4 good starts.
Here's a crazy one .. who hangs up first? Verlander + 10M for Bregman.
Steve Adams
I don't think Justin Verlander has much trade value, and I cannot fathom the Astros moving Bregman for him, even if he hasn't exactly had a huge first full season in the Majors
Oddball Herrera
Dahl starting to get healthy + Tapia playing well + OF roster crunch + McMahon almost ready in the minors + competitive team + needing some pitching = Dahl is trade bait, right?  He seems like the expendable one right now.
Steve Adams
Dahl's value is in the gutter right now because of this back/rib issue. I'd imagine they'd be open to moving Tapia for pitching though
Should the Brewers focus on a starter or a reliever? They have multiple prospects they could deal.
Steve Adams
I don't see why it has to be one or the other and not both. But a starter's the bigger need for them.
My name is Jeff Luhnow
Any weaknesses on my team?
Steve Adams
The Astros don't have a huge glaring weakness, but any team can be improved. They could use another starter to slot right behind Keuchel and McCullers in a playoff rotation, for instance. Might push a decent rotation option to the 'pen, but it effectively pushes their worst reliever off the roster in doing so. I do think they'll take a hard look at adding a starter
Are the Astros, Yankees, Dodgers, Rockies, Brewers, and Braves all in on Quintana to some degree? Anyone I missed?
Steve Adams
Yeah, any from that group is at least going to have interest, though that doesn't really mean much. Those clubs all "have interest" in lots of good players that they'd never meet the asking price on.

Twins, Angels, Cubs, D-backs probably all have some level of interest in Q as well.
Shot or no shot Cubs catch the Brewers before season ends?
Steve Adams
Of course there's a shot -- they're a better team than they've shown and will probably make some kind of deadline upgrade as well.
Do the Phillies have any Joseph market?
Steve Adams
I don't think there's all that much value there. He's a first-base only RH bat that doesn't hit righties especially well and clobbers lefties. I'm sure there are teams that'd love to have him on their bench and maybe that even view him as a possible starter, but he's not going to get any kind of huge return. And there aren't exactly tons of contenders clamoring for first basemen... Yankees, maybe Angels... but he's just not an extremely appealing asset because his skill set isn't hard to find
Any possible destinations for Dave Robertson besides the Nationals?
Steve Adams
Virtually every contending team is going to be looking at bullpen help, and they will all talk to Rick Hahn at some point.
Any chance Texas signs Darvish? Chance we lose him with no compensation back?
Steve Adams
They won't lose him for nothing; at the very least he'll get a QO and net them some draft compensation. They're going to do everything they can to re-sign him this winter as well
Would Tapia & Yency Almonte be enough to get Sonnie Gray ?
Steve Adams
They'd need to give up more than those two for 2.5 years of Gray. Tapia would make sense though... A's have a lot of young infielders on the way but Tapia would give them a long-term range-y option in the OF that can play anywhere.
Odds of Reds signing Cozart for a couple of years?
Steve Adams
We have him getting a four-year deal in free agency this winter; I don't think he forgoes free agency to sign a two-year deal, no.
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