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MLBTR Chat with Steve Adams 2-9-16
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Isn't it a little late in the winter for a Lincecum show case?
Steve Adams
There's no "too late" for something like this. He's going to showcase when he's healthy. If he showcased in December and wasn't healthy, it wouldn't do him any good. If he didn't feel good throwing for teams until mid-Feb., so be it. 20+ clubs will still watch him throw, and one will probably give him a few million and some incentives shortly thereafter.
Ok, I have to wrap it up for the week. Thanks for chatting and thanks for the feedback on the new software. Jeff will probably be on Jotcast on Thursday afternoon, I'd think, so maybe he can try to make it look a little nicer than I did, ha. You can always ask further questions on Twitter (@Adams_Steve), in Jeff's Thursday chat or in the MLBTR Mailbag ( Thanks!