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MLBTR Chat with Steve Adams 4-6-16
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Steve Adams
Indeed I do. I don't even have cable or any TV channels -- just, Netflix and Amazon Prime.
Thoughts on the Polanco extension? Also what do you think this could mean for the Pirates organization going forward?
Steve Adams
Good deal for the Bucs, a bit light for Polanco considering Christian Yelich got considerably more a year ago when he was in the same service class. Life-changing money is life-changing money though, and I won't fault Polanco for taking it one bit.

I don't know what type of long-term ramifications you're looking for with the Pirates... this is just a continuation of their attempts to lock up young talent well in advance of arbitration, and I imagine they'll continue to do more of the same in years to come. I guess it means you won't see them being active in the trade market/free agent market for outfielders, though the latter was never likely anyway for financial reasons.
Rangers added Burke Badenhop on a minor league deal.
Over/under on S. Gray trade
Steve Adams
You're misusing the over/under bet there. That said, I don't think it's likely this season.
Clay K.
Why would the Padres even consider Shields for Sandoval?
Steve Adams
Yeah, that trade proposal has never made any sense to me. San Diego would be nuts to do so. Shields struggled last year, but it's not like he pitched like he tossed up a 5.50 ERA and couldn't get past 140 innings or something. He was still useful. Panda wasn't, and he's owed more money.
Ok, I have to wrap this up for the week. Thanks for chatting everyone. I'll do it again next week, on the right day this time, too! (Tuesday)

Jeff will chat tomorrow afternoon, and feel free to ask me further questions on Twitter: @Adams_Steve. Take care.