MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: June 28, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Rays are 3 games over .500 and tied for a WildCard spot. Cobb is staying put unless they somehow fall out of playoff contention in the next 30 days.
Is Cam Maybin one of the most maddening players in baseball? Seems to have all the talent in the world but rarely puts it all together at once, until right now. Or is it just injury?
Jason Martinez
I've seen him play like this for weeks at a time. He's a bit streaky, but the injuries have made it difficult to do this for a full season. He's never had had this kind of BB/K ratio, so maybe he's turned a corner. Only 30 yrs old. Been around forever.
NOT Mickey Koke
Brad Hand + a lower echelon prospect for Victor Robles and Carter Keiboom... who says no?
Jason Martinez
No way they're getting a guy of Robles' caliber. That's Top 10-20 in all of baseball. I'm thinking more in the 75-100 range. Maybe.
Could Alex Avila get one if the cubs top 10 prospects?
Jason Martinez
Avila is putting up huge numbers, but catcher isn't a huge priority. It would be nice to have a guy like Avila to split time with Contreras, but I don't think they'd give up a top 10 prospect for him. Maybe 11-15 range.
With 2B being a black hole for the Angels, could you see them trading for Howie Kendrick since he's on an expiring contract?
Jason Martinez
Sure. Phillies would need to eat some of that remaining salary, though.  Will still be due around $4MM, I believe, at the trade deadline.
Why have the Yankees so far passed on calling up Frazier or Fowler? Will one be traded for a MLB pos upgrade?
Jason Martinez
Crowded OF with Gardner, Judge, Hicks, Ellsbury. No need to rush them. It's a good problem to have. They can step in if those guys can't stay healthy or be used as trade chips (before 7/31 or, more likely, in the offseason).
Julio Teheran for Eloy Jimenez? Who says no?
Jason Martinez
Cubs say no. Teheran's ERA is over 5.00. Even though that's inflated from some really bad starts (he has 62% quality start rate), I think Jimenez is the kind of guy they can package for a more legit frontline guy.
When Trout comes back, who does the Angels move?
Jason Martinez
EY Jr. will go to the bench. He's never had much success over a full season. Great temporary fill-in but more value off the bench, especially for a contending team down the stretch.
What percentage would you give that Cole gets traded by the Pirates? And to where Astros or Yankees or someone else
Jason Martinez
As bad as they've been, they're only 5 games out in the NL Central. If they were closer to 10 games out in a month, I'll say 75% chance he's traded. Astros or Yankees would be favorites.
Jason, with smyly done for the year do you see the ms making a trade for a starting pitcher or starting to sell?
Jason Martinez
No, I think they're good with Felix, Paxton, Moore and Miranda. Gaviglio has been good, too. If Iwakuma has any setbacks and can't return in July, maybe they'll look for a back-of-rotation guy. Probably not, though.
Top prospects for Feldman? What team trades for Feldman?
Jason Martinez
To the Cubs for Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop.
Seriously, though, he has a lot less value than when that deal went down. He had been on a roll. Just a semi-reliable, back-of-the-rotation rental now. Could get a low-level prospect (top 20-30 range) with some upside.
As a Twins fan, I liked seeing Granite in your " Knocking down the door" series. What do you see as his future potential? I had viewed him as probably an above average 4th outfielder. Do you think he can become an everyday starter?
Jason Martinez
Yeah, he's kind of a "tweener". Those guys are fun to keep an eye on because you don't know if they'll turn into Adam Eaton or more of an Alex Presley-type. Seems to have a very good idea of the strike zone and is red hot right now. Good way to balance out Buxton and Rosario's awful BB/K rates.
Thanks for chatting! Same place and time next week.