MLBTR Live Chat With Jason Martinez: May 3, 2017
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Jason Martinez
Definitely doesn't help their chances of contending. If they do sell, I think Darvish might be the most popular name on MLBTR in July. If Tyson Ross comes back and pitches well, he could have a lot of interest. Same with Cashner. Carlos Gomez and Napoli would likely be on the trade block.
What about Matt Garza for a Mets rotation target? The Brewers would probably be willing to dump him for little if the Mets took on most of his salary.
Jason Martinez
After 1 good start, I don't think any team is ready to give up much for Garza or take on any $. Only way the Brewers can get a team to pay more than half of Garza's salary is if he runs off like 5-6 really good starts.
Think there's anyway the Braves could dip into their vast reserves of minor arms and pull off a prospect for prospect trade to try to find a blue-chip 3B/C/OF? I know prospect-prospect trades are pretty rare, especially in season, but this just seems to make too much sense...
Jason Martinez
On paper, it seems like a good idea but it rarely happens for a reason. My guess is that teams tend to like the guys they draft and develop rather than a player drafted and developed by another team. So if they have equal value, teams would rather keep their guy than acquire a guy with the same level of talent. For the most part, young prospects are just assets and teams don't worry about where they fit on the MLB team until almost the time that they're MLB ready.
If the White Sox haven't traded Quintana by now, they're probably not going to get what they think he is worth. Why not keep him as part of the rebuild? Great contract, etc.
Jason Martinez
I'm sure they'd be fine with keeping him, which is why they don't have to lower their asking price. If no one pays up, he'll stick around and be in the rotation when they're ready to compete again. But if a team gets desperate in July, they might be willing to meet the high asking price. They've got all the leverage as long as Quintana is healthy and pitching well.
Sooo, what does the outlook look like for the Rangers? Any hope? Or just start looking for what Yu could bring back?
Jason Martinez
It's not a bad team on paper. If the bullpen gets back on track and guys like Cashner/Griffin keep them in games and Tyson Ross comes back healthy, they can get back in it. I'm sure they're not thinking about trades yet, only hoping to hang around in the playoff race until Hamels/Ross are healthy and everything starts clicking at once. If not, Yu will likely be traded.
With the news on Wright, and other injuries to starting pitching, any chance the Red Sox make a run at getting another starter (Quintana, Archer, etc.)?
Jason Martinez
Not another No. 1 starter. They gave up so much for Sale. I don't think they're willing or even capable of doing it again at this point. More likely to go after back-of-rotation guy and hope they can get something out of Price later in the season.
Do you prefer fWAR or bWAR?
Jason Martinez
I honestly don't ever look at WAR. I try to look at a player's entire stat line. I have an overall and recent "Power Ranking" on the Roster Resource pages that I use to quickly reference how a player is doing.
When will Julio Urias be in the big leagues to stay?
Jason Martinez
I think he's already here to stay.
any chance of thornberg or carson smith to make an impact for the BoSox this year?
Jason Martinez
Both can make a big impact, but probably not until the 2nd half. Both healing slowly.
What has surprised you most so far this season?
Jason Martinez
Nothing about baseball ever surprises me anymore. Not even when Bud Norris is one of the best closers in baseball over the past 2 weeks. That's just baseball.
Jason need help who is out there for starter? Should I tender Richards a contract next year be over 7 mill.
Jason Martinez
Get Jered Weaver back!
When do you think Amed Rosario gets called up?
Jason Martinez
I think he's played his way into the 2017 conversation, but not sure how he'd fit at this point. Reyes is showing some signs of life and Rosario hasn't played 3B, anyways. Maybe they move Asdrubal over to 3B. I'll guess that he makes it to Majors somehow around mid-season.
Jose Peraza, Keon Broxton, Bregman, most and least likely to turn things around?
Jason Martinez
Bregman most likely. Too talented. Broxton least likely.
How can the Giants justify carrying two all glove no bat outfielders (Hernandez/Stubbs) when they can't score runs to save their life?
Jason Martinez
Not too many options right now. I think Arroyo at 3B and Nuñez to LF was a good move. Mac Williamson not doing much at AAA. Austin Slater not doing as well as he did last season in AAA. Chris Shaw probably needs some more time in the OF.
Gotta run. Same time and place next week. Thanks for chatting!