MLBTR Live Chat with Steve Adams -- 3/7/17
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Steve Adams
Yeah, it's too early, because there's no telling what Newcomb will be yet. I do think it's fair to say that Ellis and Aybar didn't provide the type of value the Braves were hoping for.
Bobblehead Ghost of Don Zimmer
Who is the first closer to implode this year and lose his job?
Steve Adams
I'm always tempted to say Fernando Rodney, but he's just as liable to rattle of 30 innings with a sub-2 ERA it seems. Jeanmar Gomez is probably a similarly good candidate for that unenviable tag
so 2/3 of the players the braves got didn't provide the type of value they expected, but it's too early to say that it didn't pan out the way they expected? Isn't saying that 2 players didn't do what was expected a literal example of it not panning out how they expected it to?
Steve Adams
Not when one of those players was basically a throw-in (Aybar) and the one remaining in the organization was the clear centerpiece of the deal with the highest upside and most long-term value in the return.
Just saying "2/3 of the players are out" weights all three equally. There's no way Atlanta valued Aybar or even Ellis anywhere near the way they valued Newcomb.
the lack of sp depth would scare me from the cubs perspective. with an aging lester and lackey, counting on cy young type performances from hendricks and dice rolling at #5 it seems like the cubs have to give into arrietta on his contract demands. i may be looking too far out in the future but their 2018 rotation is started by a guy who would have thrown ~700 innings in the 3 years prior in lester (2015-2017) and hendricks.
Steve Adams
The Cubs still have plenty of prospects to deal for rotation help -- many of whom are largely blocked in the Majors. I'd imagine they'll make at least one deal for a controllable starter in the next calendar year. And, of course, they have the funds to add an arm via free agency as well.

I'm not especially worried about their long-term rotation outlook
If you are the Mets, what do you do with Conforto?
Steve Adams
Decline Jay Bruce's option and start him every day in 2017. Actually, don't ever trade for Jay Bruce in the first place and let him play every day in 2016, too.

At this point, though, I don't know what they can do besides have him open the year in Triple-A. He should be getting regular at-bats, especially against lefties. Their handling of him has been consistently baffling to me.
Any chance I can unload Ryan Zimmerman, even if I eat 50% of his remaining contract? Would DC fans have a problem with trading him at this point
Steve Adams
I don't see who'd take him, and he can block any trade anyhow.
Ok, I'm going to wrap up for the week. Thanks for chatting everyone! Jason chats tomorrow night at 6:30 CT, and Jeff on Thursday at 2pm. I'm on Twitter @Adams_Steve.

Enjoy the rest of your week!