Sam Werner's Penguins chat: 7.20.17
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Speaking of Cullen, why does the media keep saying the Pens believe he'll be back?  Who are they hearing this from?  It seemed that either he was going to retire or play for the Wild since they are closer to his home and his wife wants to return home.  What are you hearing?
Sam Werner
"Believe he'll be back" is a bit strong. I think after they won the Cup, just about everyone (including Cullen) thought that was it. But in the month since then, I think he has given some serious consideration to giving it another go. I'm not saying he's coming back, but it's definitely more of a 50/50 proposition than it seemed to be on the ice in Nashville. I also know if he does decide to play next season, Jim Rutherford will fight like hell to make sure it's in a Penguins uniform, even given Cullen's ties to Minnesota.
Even with Cullen returning, you'd be in the same spot, would you not? Rowney isn't going to play over Reaves on the 4th if Cullen returns, if only because of the price the Penguins paid to get Reaves. Leaves you with one PK C in the lineup again.

Also, Maatta is a good top-4 D and people that don't think that are silly billies.
Sam Werner
I see what you're saying, but the roster is still very much in flux, and I think there are plenty of scenarios (trades, etc.) where both Rowney and Reaves make the lineup next season, even with Cullen back. And agree on Maatta. I think everyone remembers him being undressed by Pontus Aberg in the final and forgets how he was arguably the Penguins' best D for most of the Ottawa series.
OK, I know we've still got questions left, but that's going to have to be it for this chat. Jason will be back next week at this time, and once the season gets closer, he and I will work out some sort of schedule where we both chat in a given week. Until then, you can always hit me on Twitter @SWernerPG.