Chat with MLBTR's Anthony Franco: 7/2/21
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Anthony Franco
Hey everyone, my apologies. First time with Jotcast, but I should have it running shortly.
Ok, there we go.
Sorry about that. Apologies in advance (well, sort of) for any issues as I get going with this. First time I've conducted one of these. I'll stick around an extra half hour.
Are you new??
Anthony Franco
I've been on the part-time staff for a couple years but new to the full-time staff, yes.
Mariners should still trade haniger right? Or just hold on to everyone?
Anthony Franco
I would definitely listen to offers but wouldn't force a deal on Haniger, since he's controllable next season and they should be able to contend. I think the impending free agents (especially Graveman) should still be heavily marketed this summer.
Should they add a bat at the deadline
Anthony Franco
I think this will be the focus, although Hiura's recent progress might lessen the need at first base a little. Still think they could use a left-handed bat to balance out the corner infield mix.
They hoped Shaw would be that guy, but he wasn't producing much even before the injury.
Any idea of what we could be getting back for Escobar? I’m sure Dayton Moore won’t let him go that easily.
Anthony Franco
Not going to be much of a return. I imagine the Nationals will be giving him a big league shot immediately with their infield banged up, and the Royals are just doing him a favor by given him that opportunity.
Erik Neander
What’s my biggest priority?
Anthony Franco
Neander's the Rays GM.
I think they'll continue to stockpile pitching, particularly with Glasnow out. They're less beholden than most teams to getting true "starters" but a multi-inning reliever or swing type in the Caleb Smith mold would make some sense.
What do the white Sox do at the trade deadline?
Anthony Franco
They've been tied to Escobar and Adam Frazier, so definitely a second base upgrade of some sort. (We'll have a post on Frazier going up shortly). Could add another outfielder to hedge against any potential setbacks with Eloy/Robert too.
Eaton hasn't worked out the way they'd hoped anyways.
Monkey’s Uncle
I’ve seen speculation that Bryan Reynolds could be among those the Pirates are shopping approaching the trade deadline.  Unless they got blown away with an offer, wouldn’t they be better off holding on to Reynolds as one of the few sure (and currently inexpensive) pieces on their roster?
Anthony Franco
Yeah, I'd be surprised if they moved Reynolds. Controllable through 2025, and teams like to build around cornerstone position players.
You think Mets going to trade for some offense?
Anthony Franco
The Donaldson rumors suggest they're looking to add to the offense to some extent, but I think a lot of their offensive help will just be getting guys back from injury.
(I'd be surprised if the Twins actually move Donaldson- the contract's a lot to work out midseason- and Martino stressed those talks were very preliminary)
I think the bullpen will be the bigger focus for the Mets ultimately.
Chaim bloom
what type of additions will I make at the deadline?
Anthony Franco
(Bloom is the Red Sox president)
Rotation's the big need. Pérez's peripherals aren't good, Richards has been terrible lately.
Obviously, the hope is that Sale can be part of the solution, but I think they'll get a stabilizing back-end type.
Do you think the A’s have a shot a Gallo or nelly? Would assume both of them could be good pieces on a playoff bound team and the A’s don’t have a ton of prospects to give out
Anthony Franco
Gallo's complicated by the divisional factor, but I don't know that Texas would be that dissuaded by that since he's only controllable through 2022 and they're probably not going to be good by then.
They definitely have enough in the system to get Cruz. Everyone does, since he's a DH who'll be a free agent at the end of the year. Just comes down to whether ownership's cool taking on half of a $13M contract.
This guy cardinal
could you see O’niell being on the trade block, they would be selling high, although they would be throwing in the towel at that point
Anthony Franco
I don't think the Cardinals are particularly likely to sell at the deadline. Maybe Kim- if they're out of the playoff picture by July 30- since he's an impending FA. But I don't think they'd move multi-year guys like O'Neill, no.
Any targets farhan might be looking at? Gallo? Haniger? Pen help also Taylor Rodgers?
Anthony Franco
I think the Giants will acquire at least one- likely two- relievers before the deadline. Taylor Rogers actually makes a ton of sense, even independent of the connection with his brother there, although he'll be in high demand.
It's almost impossible to handicap specific relievers to specific teams, but guys like Paul Fry, Cole Sulser, Richard Rodriguez, José Cisnero probably all end up traded somewhere and I think the Giants will land at least one high-leverage type.
LAA buyers or sellers? If so who would be a target to come or go?
Anthony Franco
Minasian talked about being pretty flexible at the deadline, and I think that's ultimately where they'll end up.
Impending free agents (Raisel Iglesias especially, but Bundy, Quintana, José Iglesias for lesser returns) probably move.
But they could try to walk a thin line and acquire someone like Merrill Kelly who'd help in 2022.
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