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Chat with MLBTR's Steve Adams: 10/6/22
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Steve Adams
Happy postseason everyone! (Or, for those who are disgusted with their teams and swear off the playoffs... happy offseason?)
Mets Maniac
Why do I feel so disappointed with 101 wins?
Steve Adams
Well, not winning the division and having to play in the Wild Card series, for one. I also think there's a psychological component to it, though. If the Mets had spent the summer (or really, the season) chasing the Braves, briefly erased an 11-game deficit, come within a few games of unseating them, and then eventually landed at 101, you'd probably feel better. It's not as much fun to be the team (or a fan of the team) that actually got chased down.
Why did the Angels extend Nevin? Aparting gift?
Steve Adams
With the team for sale it's not like they were ever going to be highly attractive to new managerial candidates anyhow. I get that there's only 30 of these jobs available, but the idea of hiring someone, then selling the team a few months later is a tough sell for any incoming manager. The new owner probably wants to set up their own front office and own dugout structure. Anyone from the outside would probably just look at it as a dead-man-walking scenario and think "I'm canned after one year regardless."

Nevin brings some continuity for the guys in the clubhouse at least.
Red sox
If boegarts is truly the red sox top priority as bloom says..with thier financial power and his seemingly wanting to stay ..he should finish his career in boston right?
Steve Adams
They have the money to make that happen, sure, but calling a new contract with someone your top priority is not the same as saying "We will sign you at all costs; here's a blank check."

I'm skeptical after the lowball contract offers to him and Devers this past spring, but I don't think it's necessarily a foregone conclusion that he walks. Making that March offer, though, was just sort of a "...what's the point?" moment.
Brazen Hazen
If I were to dangle Jake McCarthy given the surplus of OF talent in Arizona what kind of value could I realisticly expect?
Steve Adams
I think of McCarthy more as a fourth outfielder. Some clubs might believe there's an everyday guy in there, but the success in '22 was pretty heavily BABIP-dependent, and the batted-ball profile (87.4 mph EV, 33.3% hard-hit) isn't exciting.

If the D-backs want to really leverage the OF surplus, Alek Thomas has more value for me -- rough 2022 debut notwithstanding.
Julio’s a lock for AL RoY, right? OPS+ of 147 to Adley’s 128 w/ 90 more PAs, a 25-25 season in 132 games, solid defense at a premium position few expected he could play at, and the best player on a team that’s ending a 21-year postseason drought. And not that it’ll be a factor among voters, but he’s also 3 years younger than Adley.
Steve Adams
I do think he'll win. I think you're discounting the gap between decent CF defense from Julio and high-end C defense from Adley; that makes it much, much closer than the gap in playing time would let on. I do think some voters will factor in age, though; Julio is doing this at an age where Adley was still in college. That's no fault of Rutschman's, of course, but I think it's also fair to say it objectively makes Rodriguez's excellence all the more impressive.

If someone felt strongly that Rutschman should be ROY over Rodriguez, I wouldn't put up a passionate disagreement, because I think it's very close. I'd personally go Rodriguez, though.
Puxatony Phil
I'm really surprised by only 1 firing so far, any thoughts on who else is on the hot seat?
Steve Adams
There were five managers dismissed (well, four dismissals and La Russa's departure) during the season, plus a pair of GM/president oustings. Teams just got a head start on things this year.
I wouldn't be surprised if there are changes for the Astros, just based on some recent reporting from the Houston Chronicle and The Athletic. An early playoff exit would only make that likelier.

Playoff finishes, in general, can bring about changes as well, so might get another one or two.
Forgot Mattingly leaving, so there's another. It'll be a busy winter for managerial and coaching changeds.
Dodger Dan
If Kersh decides to pitch in '23, do you think he'll get over or under $20m (assuming 1 yr deal)? Surely he should get more than the $17m for '22.
Steve Adams
Yeah I'd think he's more in the 25 range this time around, assuming he's healthy at the end of the postseason.
Who says no?
  • Marlins - Bryan Reynolds
  • Pirates - Trevor Larnach, Jack Eder, Jacob Berry
  • Twins - Edward Cabrera
Steve Adams
The Twins only giving up Larnach to get Edward Cabrera sounds like a very pleasant dream for MN president Derek Falvey and GM Thad Levine, and they'd kindly ask you not to wake them up from their slumber.
Les Gomez
If the Mets don’t re-sign Nimmo and Bassitt, would they take on Yelich’s contract to add Burnes?
Steve Adams
Yelich is owed $162.5MM through 2028. Burnes is controlled for two more seasons and will probably make around $25MM over those two years, in arbitration. As great as he is, I don't think the Mets are going to be too jazzed about effectively paying $187.5MM for two years of him.
Yes, you'll get SOME value out of Yelich there, but his contract's already well underwater. That's just too much money to take on for two years of Burnes.
Just a fan
does Corbin Carrol lose his ROY eligibility for next year?
Steve Adams
Nope. He didn't receive enough plate appearances to exhaust his rookie eligibility, so he'll still be eligible next season.
Grayson Rodriguez and/or Jordan Westburg make the opening day team?
Steve Adams
Orioles GM Mike Elias said yesterday he hopes GrayRod will make the roster, but it'll depend on his health -- he missed most of the '22 season with a lat strain -- and spring performance I'm sure. Westburg should be in the mix, but it's way too early to say until we know what the Orioles do, infield-wise, this winter.
Reds fan
Give me something to be positive about after the 100 loss season
Steve Adams
Nick Lodolo is good!
As much as I admire Jason Heyward, is he going to get a playing contract for 2023, or should he take a role in the Cubs FO, for example? Thanks.
Steve Adams
All any team is going to owe him is the league minimum; Cubs are still on the hook for the final season of his salary. I don't think it's outlandish that a team would sign Heyward for the minimum and hope that a change of scenery can help him find some old form. Worst-case scenario, he doesn't hit but serves as a good mentor for some young guys before being released.
Now give ME something to be positive after the 107 loss season
Steve Adams
Uhhh.. Dave Martinez seems like a very nice man.
(For real though, I like the return they got for Soto ... not as much as I'd like just having Juan Soto, but context matters of course)
Cy young finishers
Please order the AL
Steve Adams
I think it'll go Verlander, Cease, Manoah, Ohtani (maybe flipping the last two)
What type of contract would D Swanson expect?
Steve Adams
I don't see why he should expect any less than Story and Baez got last year (6/140). I have him north of that by a bit.
Broken Bat
Rodon… Dodgers play?
Steve Adams
Sure Dodgers, but also Giants, Rangers, Orioles, Red Sox, Twins, Cubs, Cardinals, Yankees, Mets......... pretty much any team that might want to win in 2023, haha.
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