Chat with MLBTR's Steve Adams: 6/11/19
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Steve Adams
Greetings y'all.
Special shoutout to the guy who emailed us yesterday insinuating that our chats are some kind of ruse where we use an advanced bot to automate answers. I think that's a compliment? But not sure.
Am I a robot?

Obviously (47.2% | 242 votes)
Seems doubtful but who can be sure? Technology is amazing. (52.8% | 271 votes)

Total Votes: 513
Do you think the Twins trade for a Stroman or Bumgarner quality pitcher?
Steve Adams
I'm sure they'll be open to adding in the rotation, but I think the 'pen will be (and should be) a larger area of focus.
That's not to say they can't upgrade both, of course. But I'm looking at the Ken Giles, Will Smiths, etc. of the world with them before I'm looking at Stroman/Bumgarner.
Do you think Mariners will trade Gordon
Steve Adams
I don't think there's going to be much interest, so no. His bat has declined from peak levels, he's not running as much, and the contract isn't appealing.
Tommy La Sort of
Do you think Will Smith close wherever he lands...maybe Minnesota or Atlanta?
Steve Adams
It'll depend where he lands. If he went to either of those spots, it'd be likely. If, say, the Cubs or Dodgers add him -- then no. Assuming you're asking for fantasy purposes, he'd probably get some save opps down the stretch even if he's not the main guy. Most teams have multiple relievers with a handful of saves.
Woad Raider
Who do you see the Rangers targeting if they are going for a "buy just a little" midseason?
Steve Adams
Someone like Matt Boyd would be interesting for them -- long-term piece they could justify shelling out some prospects for. Some expensive relief pieces might make sense. I could see them as the type of team to add a Melancon/Kennedy type of reliever basically in exchange for modest salary relief and a warm body or two.

If they want some bullpen upgrades without really setting back a farm system they've been working to improve, that's a plausible means of achieving it.
Do you see the Phillies going for bat or pitching cf is there need
Steve Adams
It's not an either-or proposition. They'll be aggressive in pursuing both avenues.
Farhan Zaidi
Do any of my players outside of my veteran relievers and Bumgarner have any trade value? Are there any teams out there that want Brandon Belt or Joe Panik? Maybe the Shark? I need to purge this roster!
Steve Adams
(Zaidi = new Giants president of baseball ops)

That's really the bulk of what they have to offer. Panik hasn't been very good, and while I've long believed Belt to be much better than many Giants fans seem to give him credit for being, his contract isn't really desirable.
If the Giants really want to make things interesting, they could put Trevor Gott and especially Reyes Moronta out there. Teams might be a little more skeptical of Gott, but Moronta would fetch quite a bit of interest.
Will the tribe trade Bauer?
Steve Adams
I think they'll wait until late July before making that determination, but if you're asking me right now -- and you are, ha -- then I'd lean toward yes.
Will the Indians trade Trevor Bauer?

Yes (64.7% | 322 votes)
No (35.3% | 176 votes)

Total Votes: 498
Have we seen the end of Matt Harvey this season?
Steve Adams
Since we haven't heard anything about a major injury, I can only assume he'll be back at some point. The Angels are paying him either way, so might as well see if they can salvage some value out of the deal
Brian moneyman
Will I regret passing on Keuchel? Where will I find my pitching reinforcements?
Steve Adams
Assuming that's Yankees GM Brian Cashman -- I think it'd have been reasonable to go beyond the hard line they drew. Keuchel is a solid arm even if he's not at (and likely won't return to) 2015 ace levels. Braves got a totally reasonable price on him.

Yankees have never been shy about going to the trade market to address summer needs, though, so I don't know that they'll necessarily "regret" the move unless Keuchel inexplicably returns to peak levels. It's just a matter of finding a suitable alternative, and there'll be plenty of options.
Do we make sense for Bumgarner?
Steve Adams
Virtually any contender makes sense for Bumgarner. Rays and Twins are a slightly cleaner fit since they're not on Bumgarner's no-trade lists, but they're two of many, many teams who are "fits"
Andy Green
If I don't make the playoffs with Manny and Tatis in the lineup could I be looking for a job somewhere else
Steve Adams
Two new players, no matter how talented, isn't going to give any manager an automatic entry into the postseason. The Padres' rotation always looked like it would need some reinforcements.
Who would gather more of a prospect haul in a trade Justin Smoak or Ed"wing" encarnacion?
Steve Adams
Depends how much the Mariners are willing to eat. I'd generally say Encarnacion yields more, as long as the Mariners are willing to eat most of the cash, but I don't think either is going to bring back a ton.

The Tigers got three marginal prospects for a half season of JD Martinez. There aren't going to be tons of teams aggressively seeking 1B/DH options, and those that do will have a lot of options from which to choose.
Should Brad Hand be availalbe?
Steve Adams
I don't see why the Indians wouldn't open themselves up to offers. They're extreme longshots to get back into the division race, Hand would fetch an enormous return, and they'll face similar payroll concerns this winter to the ones they had last offseason (with the roster constructed as is).
"Special shoutout to the guy who emailed us yesterday insinuating that our chats are some kind of ruse where we use an advanced bot to automate answers. I think that's a compliment? But not sure."  Exactly how a bot would reply.
Steve Adams
Not a fan of musicals.
I’m sure it IS the funniest musical of all time. But can we stop the pop up ad on every single story via the app?
Steve Adams
Blah -- we had when annoying malicious ads interfere with the experience. I'm not having that issue myself. Any chance you can take a screenshot and email it in through our contact form:

We'll get our developers looking into it.
Toronto Blues
Give me something to look forward to! I mean the #3 draft pick is great and all but I mean come on...
Steve Adams
You'll be watching Vlad Jr. and Bichette on the same team in the near future! That's way more than most fans of rebuilding clubs have to look forward to.
Would I be able to net Kyle Tucker for Robbie Ray and another piece?
Steve Adams
(Dbacks GM = Mike Hazen)

I don't think so. The Astros wouldn't trade Tucker in Realmuto talks this offseason and he was a more valuable piece than Ray. Plus, Tucker's Triple-A numbers are awesome so far
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