Chat with MLBTR's Steve Adams: 6/4/19
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Steve Adams
Greetings! The draft is happening. Kimbrel/Keuchel might finally sign. Trade season will commence, in earnest, in the next couple of weeks. Things -- they are a-happenin'.
I'm going to be in Minneapolis for work next week and bought tickets to a Twins game. Any suggestions on places to go before/after?
Steve Adams
Surly Brewing if you're a beer geek like me. I love me some Blue Door for stuffed burgers. Go to Hai Hai and/or Revival if you can.

In all honesty, I need to re-explore downtown Minneapolis after moving back to the Twin Cities after about a half-decade in New York, as I'm on the St. Paul side of things, but there's a lot of good food and beer all over Minneapolis. The Twin Cities in general are an underrated food scene.
Better for The Braves: MadBum Or Keuchel?
Steve Adams
Signing Keuchel only costs them money, and I don't know that the difference between 2019 MadBum and 2019 Keuchel is as stark as reputation would lead many to expect. Bumgarner looks better in '19 than he did in '17-'18, but he's still not the same guy who dominated during the Giants' World Series runs.
Jeffrey A.
Predictions on where Kimbrel and Keuchel going to sign?
Steve Adams
Total speculation, obviously, but Keuchel to Yankees and Kimbrel to the Twins
(With the Braves then trading for help, before Atlanta fans pummel me, haha)
Next Mariner to be traded is....
Steve Adams
Next Mariner to be traded?

Edwin Encarnacion (52.9% | 369 votes)
Mike Leake (17.1% | 119 votes)
Dee Gordon (13.9% | 97 votes)
Ryon Healy (2.6% | 18 votes)
Tim Beckham (7.7% | 54 votes)
Someone else (5.7% | 40 votes)

Total Votes: 697
And yeah I know Gordon and Healy are out, but it doesn't seem like either is going to miss tons of time.
Voted Edwin myself, for what it's worth, though I don't see tons of clear trade fits for him right now (Houston would work though)
farmer ed
giolito for real?
Steve Adams
I'm buying, to an extent. I don't think he's a 2.50 ERA guy who's going to legitimately vie for the Cy Young this season, but at the same time he looks markedly better than he ever has in past big league showings. Velocity is up, more changeups, way more swinging strikes,
He's getting lucky with regard to his tiny homer-to-flyball rate now, and that'll normalize some, which will ding his ERA accordingly, but he's easily the team's most interesting pitcher right now.
Mets / Nats
Why does every report suggest the Mets should start selling and the nats shouldn’t? A bit biased?
Steve Adams
I've seen plenty of suggestions that the Nats should sell. In general, you're always going to get more doom and gloom out of the New York media, though. Plus, there are so many more media outlets there that the sheer volume of "They need to sell" takes are going to be greater than they would in a different market.
Can't we all just admit that no one has any clue where Kimbrel and Kuechel  will be playing next week. It's all guess work based entirely on who would be better with either player.
Steve Adams
I haven't seen anyone claim to know where they're going to sign. I literally prefaced my guesses with "total speculation."
Even the pitchers themselves probably don't know for sure where they'll sign yet.
Are there any other players the Tigers could get something of value for? (Besides Boyd, Greene, and Castellanos)
Steve Adams
At this point, I don't think Castellanos even brings much value.

What you listed is about the extent of their big trade assets. None of the one-year guys they signed with that in mind has panned out. Mercer and Harrison have been terrible. Ross is hurt and out indefinitely. Moore's season is over.
Maybe a Daniel Stumpf or Buck Farmer has some marginal value as a guy who can be controlled awhile, but I don't think either is going to be a big, hot commodity.
Pitcher War Question?
How can Mike Minor's war be higher than Justin Verlander's Please explain...
Steve Adams
fWAR is based on FIP, and Minor has Verlander topped in that regard -- albeit marginally.
Can cargo and Bruce get enough at bats to make them fantasy relevant?
Steve Adams
Bruce maybe, but I wouldn't be looking at either one of them as a fantasy option anyway. I guess I don't know how deep your league is, but that pair's best days seem likely to be behind them; I'd rather chase some upside with a minimally owned guy like Oscar Mercado or someone of that ilk.
Guess who
Would Adam Duvall bring any decent relief pitcher? Inciarte?
Steve Adams
I don't buy Duvall as a particularly attractive trade asset even with him raking in Triple-A. He wasn't particularly good in 2017, was awful in 2018. They couldn't find a taker in spring. He's not particularly young, nor is all that controllable (through 2021).

Maybe they could flip him for a reliever who had similar struggles, but he doesn't strike me as an in-demand piece. The age and lack of control will limit appeal from rebuilding teams. Contenders won't want to weaken their MLB bullpens to take a chance on him.
Do you see players waiting until after the draft as a trend?  If Keuchel/Kimbrel get a market-value deal, there are no incentives for players to sign in the offseason when they get an abbreviated season for the same money, and teams dont have to give a draft pick which benefits them too, plus it de-risks it in the first year since teams can see how they are doing after 2 months.
Steve Adams
I don't see it as a trend just because, in the end, these guys want to be playing. Kendrys Morales did this in 2014 and it didn't start a trend despite him getting a decent deal.
Any chance Stras opts out?  He is having a terrific season and could probably get better than 4/$100M (with deferrals) in FA no?
Steve Adams
He is indeed having a great season, but he'll turn 31 in July and the market hasn't generally been too kind to players entering their mid-30s in free agency. I don't think he could realistically expect more than five years, and at that point, opting out of 4/100 just to chase a fifth year seems unlikely -- particularly when the downside is ending up with an Arrieta-style deal.
Or, worse, a Keuchel situation.
Top relievers on the trade market? Gotta sure up the LAD bullpen...Colome maybe?
Steve Adams
Any of the Giants' bunch are available (Smith, Dyson, Watson) ... Ken Giles in Toronto. Colome probably will generate interest, though the ChiSox may try to hang around the periphery of the Wild Card scene for awhile. Mychal Givens is sort of interesting even amid a rough season. Royals will obviously have Kennedy available and he's been interesting as a reliever. Shane Greene from the Tigers.
CC Sabathia's run in 2008 with the Brewers is one of the most dominant of all time. Agreed?
Steve Adams
It was pretty amazing. Losing Brantley in that trade was obviously a huge blow in retrospect, but that Sabathia run was incredible and they wouldn't have gone as far without him around. He was amazing.
Yordan Alvarez
Do I get called up before July?  And if no, do I get called up in July?
Steve Adams
I'll be surprised if the Astros don't have him up by August, yeah. (Unless he's part of a pretty notable trade package, which doesn't seem impossible)
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