Chat with MLBTR's Steve Adams 7/28/20
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Steve Adams
Greetings all -- sorry, forgot to embed the frame initially
I just updated with that if you prefer that route
Meanwhile, MLB running like a well-oiled machine and things seem good good good
What am I supposed to think of the Diamondbacks’ season so far? Are the Padres just very good or are the Dbacks just not that good?
Steve Adams
I wouldn't draw any judgments based on three games in a normal season, and I certainly wouldn't do so in 2020 after a three-week ramp up
Lunar verLander
Does the timing of the Astros picking up Dusty Baker's contract option seem off to you? I mean yeah, everything about this season is kind of "off", but why after 4 games?
Steve Adams
The decision was probably never going to come down to pure wins and losses; the front office is surely pleased with the working relationship it's had with Dusty thus far -- likely the same for owner Jim Crane. I don't think anyone's going to judge someone with Baker's track record on W-L record in a shortened season when he just lost Verlander for who knows how long and has several other notable players unavailable to him.
Do we see Carlson soon?
Steve Adams
I doubt the Cardinals will keep Dylan Carlson at alternate camp -- almost said "in Triple-A" -- for much longer than the minimum needed to get an extra year of control (which we're hitting right now).

One injury or even just a brief skid by O'Neill and he'll be up.
Considering the situation with the Marlins, Do you think that MLB will cancel the rest of the season ?
Steve Adams
Rob Manfred plainly said that's not on the table yesterday. If we see other instances like this -- particularly concurrent outbreaks -- then it'd become likelier.
How long until we see Luzardo moved back into the A’s rotation?
Steve Adams
Maybe another long relief outing or two to get him built up? He was up to 45ish pitches in his first appearance and was quite good. He'd have opened in the rotation were it not for missing part of camp with his Covid diagnosis
With Verlander's injury are the A's division favorites?
Steve Adams
With no Verlander, Urquidy/Alvarez/Peacock/Pruitt sidelined ... that roster looks a lot different. The lineup is still great, but the A's (and others) have their best shot in years, yeah. If Verlander is only out 2-3 weeks, that's one thing ... if he's out 6 weeks of a 10-week season, though......
Mr Roctober
Assuming they start playing games again soon but several players miss time, what do the Marlins do with their roster? Do they pick up a bunch of AAAA veterans or give their youngsters more playing time?
Steve Adams
They've already claimed three guys off waivers in a period of 24 hours. Guessing you'll see more of the same during their "pause"
For a website that would benefit largely from MLB's season continuing, you guys sure are negative nellies about things right now. I guess kudos to y'all for taking a stance on what you think is right, but not knowing everything that goes in to the decision making process, you'd think you wouldn't be quite so critical of MLB officials as they make tough decisions.
Steve Adams
There's plenty to be skeptical of and negative about right now. We're five days into a season, and we have two teams' schedules "paused," the Nats being forced to sit out this weekend since they don't have an opponent, and the Orioles/Yankees' schedules being juggled.

I hope they're able to pull this off. The shutdown was grueling for everyone, it killed our bottom line here at the site, and the three-month "return to play negotiation" saga was miserable for everyone.

But I also don't think that means we should take a rose-colored glasses approach to everything or downplay the severity of the hurdles that have already arisen.
How many wins secures a playoff berth?  25?
Steve Adams
We don't even know that every team is going to play 60 games. Some might end up at 57 or 56 depending on postponements and cancellations, at which point the league may turn to winning percentage.

I think a few sub-.500 clubs get in with the field stretched to 16, though.
Why didnt MLB prevent the Marlins to take the field or were they not aware of the positive tests?
Steve Adams
This is the main question I have. I still have a hard time believing what I'm seeing when I see Miguel Rojas talking about how the players discussed what to do and never considered calling it off. Of course they didn't -- these guys are trained and practically bred to play through injuries, gut it out and be ultracompetitive ... that decision never should have been theirs to make.

If the Marlins knew about all their positive tests, the league surely did, too, and that game shouldn't have happened. I'm hoping there will be more strigent protocols in place for such decisions moving forward.
Braves Rotation Candidate
Surprised by the Folty DFA? Seems like his leash was short this year given at least a moderate amount of dominance in the past
Steve Adams
I got that notification on my phone from our app last night and had to read it like 3-4 times to make sure I wasn't going crazy
But if his velocity is down something like 5mph and they're really out on him as a passable rotation option for now, they could try to see if someone else will claim the rest of his money. If not, designating him right now could ensure they'll keep him in the org without the 40-man spot.
In fact -- and I'd need to do some quick math on this -- that might be precisely why they DFA'ed him now. Folty has 4.134 years of service ... each day in 2020 is like three days of service, roughly speaking. If they waited much longer to DFA him, he'd have crossed five years of service, which is the point at which he can reject an outright assignment and take free agency while keeping the rest of his salary
As it is right now, if he rejects the outright and heads to FA, he'd have to forfeit the rest of his salary.
Was there any news on if any of the Phillies tested positive?
Steve Adams
MLB's press release today says none of the other 29 clubs have had a positive test since July 24 -- though there was some semantic gymnastics used there, since Matt Davidson went on the Covid IL on 7/25.
(I assume the test was conducted on the 23rd.)
Anyhow, that would seem to bode well that the Phillies dodged any new tests, though we've seen so many inconsistencies with results that they'll be tested daily until they return to play Friday
I know its only 4 games.. should I be concerned with slow hitting start?
Steve Adams
Mookie and every other player have stretches where they go 3-for-20 or 4-for-22 or something all the time. It's just only noticeable early in the year when they're sporting a .300 OPS
Nelson Cruz
If the season keeps going sideways and MLB decides to cancel it, have I done enough so far to win the MVP?
Steve Adams
If they cancel the season after 15-20 games or something, I don't see why they'd name an MVP at all.
Marlins are gonna claim Folty 'cause they don't really have a choice at this point
Steve Adams
Maybe, but they'd take on the rest of his $6.425MM salary to do so. They could just sign/claim cheaper guys. A's just released Daniel Gossett.
Mike Elias
Folty for Cobb with us kicking in the difference this year.  Win-win, right?
Steve Adams
That puts the Braves on the hook for Cobb's $15MM salary next year.
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