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Do you think that the booth will be the next frontier for advanced analysis?
Dave Cameron
No. Broadcasters are still talking mostly to casual fans, people watching with kids, folks who are there to root for their team and not dissect what is going on. I don't think it would make the game more accessible to the masses to have discussions of analytics regularly occurring.
That said, I do think broadcasters owe it to their audience to educate themselves, understand what is really happening, know who is good and bad, and relate those truths to the viewers.
They just don't have to do it with nerdy words.
Dan the Mets Fan
Can Addison Reed and Lucas Duda bring back top 100 prospects? Back end for Lucas, mid for Reed? Or is that too much?
Dave Cameron
Too much.
"Judge is good, and has a significantly better future than Schwarber" This might be true, but shouldn't we wait for Judge's first cold streak to truly evaluate this? Unless you truly believe he is Trout 2.0, his sample size is still small and at some point the league will adjust, and we will get to see if Judge can adjust to that. We've seen Conforto go through this, and Schwarber still needs to make that adjustment himself.
Dave Cameron
We can say things about rookies with some confidence, even in SSS. He hits the ball really hard; that isn't going to change. Guys with this kind of power don't have to make contact at high levels to be good hitters. He can play the field. There's just more natural ability here than with Schwarber.
Will Moncada be in the rash of promtions?
Dave Cameron
He's cooled off a lot after a hot start. Sounds like the D at second is still rough. I wouldn't be surprised if they kept him down until after the trade deadline.
JG Wentworth
True/False: Theo will trade one of Baez, Happ, or Schwarber to get a SP this summer?
Dave Cameron
I'll guess true.
My father can't get over the idea of WAR. He keeps asking how do we know what a replacement player would do when all replacement players aren't equal. How do I respond and what do I tell him?
Dave Cameron
Replacement players aren't the same, but their overall value is similar. James Loney is super different from Brendan Ryan, but if you want a veteran for the league minimum, this is what you get.
Biggest difference in the game in 5 years?
Dave Cameron
At this point, I don't see how MLB slows down the velocity trend, and if we get to a point where everyone throws 95-100, they'll have to legitimately consider whether the game is tenable without an intervention. So maybe the mound gets lowered again? Something along those lines.
I'm a Royals fan and I acknowledge that speculating about Jason Vargas' trade value makes me a fan of the franchise with the worst long term outlook in baseball. That being said, what will Jason Vargas fetch the Royals in a trade?
Dave Cameron
Probably a toolsy outfielder who isn't hitting but has upside if he does.
Todd Van Poppel
WIll Franklin Barreto be part of the rash of callups?
Dave Cameron
Not sure where he plays. Lowrie is crushing it, Pinder is crushing it, Semien will be back in a bit. Would imagine Barreto has to wait for Lowrie to get traded.
Alright, going to have to wrap it up to get some work done before the podcasts get recorded.
Thanks for hanging out today, everyone.