Fantasy Baseball Chat with Brad Johnson: 6/6/22
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Brad Johnson
Welcome everyone, we'll get started in a few moments.
What are your thoughts of Michael Harris going forward? Thanks
Brad Johnson
Well, the best time to use him was the four game Coors Field trip which just ended.
He doesn't look as overmatched as, say, C.J. Abrams. But I figure he's probably not quite ready yet. He's in there as much for defense as anything else. They're trying to get their best chance of winning each game
There's considerable upside, but I don't think we'll see more than the occasional hot streak this season.
Hi Brad. Hope all is well. When do you think Riley Greene will be called up and what are your fantasy expectations for him?
Riley Greene
When should fans expect to get the call?
Brad Johnson
I don't have any insider insights as to the plans for Greene. He was set to make the club out of Spring Training, and they're using Willi Castro, Harold Castro, and Daz Cameron as their regular outfield. So I think a promotion should come soon.
Meadows will return soon.
And Grossman might start a rehab assignment this week.
Maybe we see Meadows/Greene/Grossman together around a week from now?
Again, I don't know if there are any physical/rehab goals left for Greene to achieve.
Gunnar Henderson
I've established myself as a consensus top 50 prospect and rising.  Do the O's promote to AAA as a 21st birthday gift later this month?
Brad Johnson
I'm hoping for later today. I'm not sure there's another prospect out there more ready to try the next level.
Oh, what do you know. They were promoted 30 minutes ago.
Henderson and Jordan Westburg both
Unhappy Angels Fan
Should I drop Iglesias, giving up tons of HRs and lack of save opportunities and blowing the few that he gets just seems like a waste of a roster spot right now.
Brad Johnson
Almost certainly not. Slump aside, Iglesias is one of the five or 10 best closers in the league. He entered the season as #3.
If you can pick up like Emmanuel Clase or Kenley Jansen, then, sure, it's fine to try a different ace reliever.
What's your thoughts on White Sox prosect Jose Rodriguez and his potential comp?
Brad Johnson
I grabbed a couple shares in dynasty leagues, but I've moved on recently.
One of my scout contacts saw him recently. He's developed a hitch in his swing "one of the worst I've seen" per the scout.
Says the bat speed still works for Double-A, but it won't translate higher.
Mechanical changes aren't the most difficult to sort, but I don't really view the White Sox as a good-at-mechanics org. Their schtick is to sign uber athletes and let them figure it out on their own.
Thoughts on Dany Jimenez? I have him rostered, but I’m weary about keeping him much longer.
Brad Johnson
It might be getting close to A.J. Puk time.
It's all about whoever you'd replace him with
You don't need to cling to a closer on probably the worst team
Cut one - MJ Melendez, Yasmani Grandal, Josh Rojas, Luis Garcia.
Brad Johnson
Gotta be more specific when you cite Luises Garcia
I'm guessing it's a 1 C league so you should probably trim Melendez. I really like him though so try to figure out which of these guys will contribute the least to your roster overall.
If it's 1C, then it's probably one of the catchers, but you might have Rojas stranded on your bench most days for all I know.
I'm assuming you're talking Luis Garcia the fielder. And he's not going to have much fantasy thump in that Nats lineup.
Thoughts on Luis Garcia in OPS league? How would you rank Garcia, Lux, Estrada, Hoerner, and Carpenter?
Brad Johnson
So, the first thing we need to see from Garcia is a better lineup role. Thankfully, that shouldn't require much to achieve in Washington.
One issue is he's a bad defensive shortstop. They were playing Dee Strange-Gordon there not too long ago so the Nats might just be settling for bad defense.
As a fantasy player, he'll maybe hit for average with enough pop to not hurt. But he won't steal and he won't produce runs where he's batting now.
A better role makes him a 2-4 category player. Otherwise, he's just a roster patch. And I think he plays way down in OPS.
As for your list, I want Carpenter for today. Reevaluate every few days.
Corbin Carroll
Is Corbin Carroll the 2nd coming of prospect Andrew Benintendi?  The Dbacks have been reluctant to promote Carroll to AAA since he only had a handful of games in full season ball before 2022.  But what else does he has left to prove in AA?  What type of stat line do you think Carroll can put up once in the majors in 2023?  Does a full season line of .300/.375/.500 with 20 HRs and 30 SBs seem realistic?
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