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Hoops Rumors Live Chat 12/8/2022
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Some Guy
What's the best trade for Westbrook still available? Derozan+Vuc is a pipe dream, Hield+Turner is unlikely with the Pacers being somewhat competitive, and Bogdanovich is off the table. What's left?
Dana Gauruder
Perhaps wait for the next Kyrie-Nets blowup? I don't know if those possibilities you mentioned are completely gone. There's still 2 months left before the trade deadline. It becomes more palatable for a non-contender to take on Westbrook's contract and waive him when there's only 2 months left in their season. Just a matter of where the Lakers stand at that point and whether they want to take on salary for next season or get the cap relief themselves next summer.
The Suns have looked horrible the last week and need to make a move.  Anything you are hearing other than the normal which is no news?
Dana Gauruder
Eventually, they'll do something with Crowder. They're just waiting for the right deal to come along and I'd imagine they'd want someone who could jump into the rotation in return. They've actually been quite good despite not having two key pieces in recent weeks (Paul, Cam Johnson). And the Celtics have been destroying everybody lately. So the Suns are actually in good shape -- they just had a rough week.
Should Golden State be worried about their shocking away form? Is it time to move some young assets for another upgrade in the starting line up? Turner could be an idea. Or stand pat and hope their form improves?
Dana Gauruder
I don't see the Warriors in any type of panic. If they're still floundering around the .500 mark in February, then they'd be inclined to do something. Not sure why Kerr feels the need to give his regulars a night off every few weeks. They would have won last night anyway if not for that bizarre finish. It was encouraging to see Kuminga to play so well. Let's see if Wiseman can start getting regular minutes and contribute after his G League stint. If he still can't establish a rotation spot in the next 2 months, then I'd see a trade coming to improve the bench.
Do you think that Utah with the recent way they have been playing will try to trade players and tank or keep floating above 500?
Dana Gauruder
I don't think Ainge and the rest of the front office look at the roster and see 'Hey, let's go for it this year.' Much more likely they'll divest with some assets as the trade deadline nears. As far as tanking, they've already won too many games to have one of the worst records in the league. They'll need a lot of lottery luck next June. But accumulating future picks won't be a bad idea than trying to improve a roster with a limited ceiling.
Is it just me or should Kevin Porter Jr be a favourite for MIP he’s averaging 19-6-6 on efficient shooting and his defence has improved dramatically. The bulk of the names I’m hearing haven’t jumped they way he has this year, or is it going to be biased towards team result?
Dana Gauruder
It's never been a question of talent with Porter Jr. It's always been maturity issues. He's put up nice numbers recently but it's not a huge jump over last season. He averaged 15.6 points last year and his assist totals were actually a little higher. Now, if he puts up consistent 25-point, 10-assist nights, coupled with the Rockets winning more games, then he'd enter that conversation.
Wouldn't Pat Bev and Nunn and a 2nd for Rose and Reddish help both teams?
Dana Gauruder
I don't know that would benefit either team. Seems as if Thibs would like to keep his rotation at nine players. Adding Beverley and Nunn would only complicate the process. And would Rose at this stage of his career be a better option to Schroder for the Lakers? Maybe Reddish could revive his career with another change of scenery but seems as if he's already worn out his welcome in 2 places. Why would he be any better in L.A.?
Hornets gonna make play in?🏀.
Dana Gauruder
Got to win more than 3 or 4 games a month to do that. They're firmly in lottery land with little hope of a turnaround this year, considering the injuries they have. More likely they will make a couple of trades and look for cap space. Terry Rozier seems the most likely to go. I fielded a question earlier regarding potential Westbrook trades. Going to Charlotte for a package including Rozier has been discussed. That would make some sense for both sides.
Hornets Fan in VA
Is Michael Jordan as the owner a help or a hindrance in the Hornets signing of free agents?
Dana Gauruder
Charlotte has never a destination for free agents, despite MJ's status. It's really difficult for those smaller market teams to draw free agents, unless those teams overpay or unless the team is already an established top contender. So I wouldn't call him a hindrance but it's a non-factor when free agents are considering where to sign.
My Hawks are a mess,any solutions?
Dana Gauruder
Obviously not a good situation if the best player and coach are having issues that become public. But the Hawks -- like a lot of teams -- just need to get all their pieces together. Saw that Murray sprained his ankle and both of their starting forwards are already sitting out with injuries. Of course, the Hawks really need Collins to get healthy, if only to pump up his trade value since it seems as if they haven't been sold on him for years (despite the extension). Getting Bogie into a good shooting rhythm would also help the cause.
After the Jazz poked the ball away from Jordan Poole it looked like Olynyk basically tackled Poole to prevent him from grabbing the Ball.  Since when is that allowed?  Loose Ball Foul 9 times out of 10.  The 2-Minute Report released today is going to be interesting.  Even the slap on Poole's arm to knock the ball away was another missed Call.
Dana Gauruder
That was a wild sequence at the end. Often in those mad scrambles with long passes, calls are more likely to be missed. It will be interesting to see that report.
Coming out of Kansas, I thought Udoka Azubuike had potential. He's been a bust. Thoughts as to why? Not a modern NBA big? Injuries? Wrong system?
Dana Gauruder
The fact that he lasted until late in the first round suggested that NBA teams weren't completely sold on him despite playing for a high-level college program. He was never a prolific scorer in college but I thought he could establish himself as a shotblocking force in the NBA. The fact he's been around a couple years and has been unable to secure a rotation spot doesn't bode well for a long stay in the NBA. He may have to establish his career overseas.
Rory Rightfoot
Is it unreasonable for the Bulls to wait on Lonzo so they make their so-called run?
Dana Gauruder
Do they really have a choice? Lonzo is still experiencing pain in that knee, according to the latest update. And they have several options at the point, though none obviously of his caliber. With two more years left on his contract, he's basically untradeable at this point until he can get back on the court.
Who would you rather have if you had to choose 1:  Trey Murphy or Herb Jones?
Dana Gauruder
Why must we choose? Two excellent second-year players who have different skill sets. Murphy is a terrific perimeter shooter and Jones is an outstanding perimeter defender. If I had to pick one, I'd probably take the lockdown defender.
Grant Williams and Derrick White from Boston to Atlanta for John Collins?
Dana Gauruder
Collins has to get healthy before that would be a viable option. The way the Celtics are playing, even with Robert Williams sidelined, I wouldn't want to mess with a good thing. They're the best team in the league right now. 21-5 without their starting center and an unexpected coaching change at the start of the season? They've been terrific.
Some Guy
How embarrassed should Clippers fans be that they injured and disorganized Magic beat them at close to full strength?
Dana Gauruder
Well, the Magic can't lose every game. I would attribute that more to trying to regain their chemistry. Kawhi shot 4 for 15, Reggie Jackson 5 for 20 and George 3 for 12. How often is that going to happen? Bigger concern is just keeping Leonard and George on the court. If the Clippers can stay reasonable healthy, they're going to be dangerous in the postseason.
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