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Hoops Rumors Live Chat 3/31/2022
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hard not to see where bulls are a first round exit now what does AKME do this summer to take roster to next step?
Dana Gauruder
The Bulls' biggest issue has been injuries. They got off to a great start but those injuries caught up to them. Ball and Williams are 2 starting players that missed huge chunks of time. Caruso was out for a couple months and he's a key 2nd unit player. LaVine has been playing through a knee issue. So, we haven't really been able to see what this group can do when all the pieces are available. The obvious offseason question is whether they'll re-sign LaVine. I think they will, so I doubt there will be more than roster tweaks.
Do you think John Collins and Clint Capella will be Hawks next season? I don’t.
Dana Gauruder
The Hawks have been hugely disappointing. I don't know what kind of market there would be for Capela. Big guys who can't shoot from the perimeter have been devalued in recent years. Collins' contract is hefty but the second half of his season has been wrecked by injuries to his foot and finger (badly mangled). I think there would be a bigger market for him but what's the upgrade? Perhaps another solid No. 2 scorer? So, I think at least one, maybe both, will still be on next season's roster.
Number man
Best trade destinations for Wiggins next year?  Warriors need to shed payroll for Poole's new contract.  1 year left so should be able to trade him for bench help.
Dana Gauruder
You are right, he has one year left on that contract but it's $33.6 mil. Not so easy to move a salary like that unless another team is looking to move a vet making that kind of coin -- perhaps a Hayward or Russell. So if you're simply looking for bench help, you're going to have to take on multiple players that are perhaps signed beyond next season. i would think, even though the Warriors are willing to pay hefty tax penalties, it would be nice to shed that $33M from the payroll after next season. I.E. -- Good chance Wiggins will be around for one more year, unless they take back another large expiring contract.
Moses Brown
Moses had 12 points and 9 rebounds last night.  Why didn't the Warriors sign him to one of their 2-Way Contracts?  It boggles Fans' minds when they hang on to 2 more Guards on their 2-Way Contracts when they have a Dire need for some Size?  Help me to understand the Front Office's madness?
Dana Gauruder
I think they were gambling on the notion that Wiseman was on the verge of returning. That gamble failed when he had a setback.
Do you think that frank Vogel will be replaced as coach? If so, who will they replace him with? He led the team to the title 2 years ago. And its not his fault that the roster didn't fit together.
Dana Gauruder
The Lakers' problems go well beyond Vogel. That being said, if Kidd had been on the staff, he would have probably been fired midseason. I don't think Pops or any other Hall of Fame level coach could've squeezed many more wins out of this group, especially with Davis being out for a long stretch. However, I seriously doubt he'll be the coach after this season. Who will be the new coach? I'm sure there will be a lot of candidates but I think a lot of that hinges on who LeBron wants, right?
MVP battle
Hi! im leaning towards Giannis as the MVP. He has similar advanced stats like Jokic and is the superior defender. I don't get why the media rely that much on eye-test when talking about Embiid and Jokic on the defensive end. I really think Jokic is the better defender of the two, all the advanced metrics say and the eye test, not the flashy defensive plays, shows to me that he is better at rotations, with better hands and bball IQ. Do you think the media keeps watching Jokic as a white, non-athletic european guy and that's why he is kinda downplayed on that end of the court? (I know, Marc Gasol had a DPOY)
Dana Gauruder
There are several worthy candidates for MVP. Embiid has certainly had a great year and he's finally been able to stay on the court for the most part. Jokic has really had to carry a huge load without Murray/Porter, which enhances his candidacy. Giannis is phenomenal at both ends and if the Bucks get top seed in East, he deserves a serious look. I do believes when the votes are cast, it's going to be either Jokic or Embiid. As for defensive perceptions of Jokic, I agree that because he's not considered a great athlete, there's an assumption that he's a subpar defender. But the metrics do show that's not the case -- he's solid at that end. The fact that's not much of a shot-blocker plays into the perception that he's a defensive liability.
Who should the Mavs be desiring as a 1st round opponent: Utah, Denver or Golden State?
Dana Gauruder
Depends on Curry's status. If he's not available or if he's limited, the Warriors are obviously much more vulnerable (though Poole's had some really big games). Otherwise, in this snapshot in time, you'd have to say you want Utah. The Jazz have a couple of weeks to turn things around but they've been awful lately. Blowing that big lead vs. Clippers the other day was troubling. Perhaps the talk of Snyder being a candidate for other jobs has played into it but five-game losing streaks at this stage of the season when most of the regulars are still playing is quite alarming. Denver has been playing well lately and it's no fun dealing with Jokic in a seven-game series.
If Mavs can't bring back Jalen Brunson next year, do you like Malik Monk as a replacement?
Dana Gauruder
Monk has put up some good numbers but I like Brunson a lot better. More of a playmaker who takes some of the burden off Doncic. Brunson averages 5 assists per game, which isn't easy to do considering how much Doncic has the ball in his hands. I perceive Monk as more of a shooter, maybe a slightly better 3 point threat than Brunson. I think there will be a decent market for Brunson -- wouldn't surprise if a team like the Pistons tries to scoop him up and pair him with Cunningham.
Knicks have said hes in the fold for next year already.  But theres a disconnect between the FO and Thibs on team building and playing time.  His style also isn't going to attract most FAs to the Knicks so do you think Thibs is actually gone this offseason?
Dana Gauruder
I'm not so sure there's a disconnect between Thibs and Rose, who hired him. And it appears he has a good relationship with Dolan. You are correct that it's not a given Thibodeau will be back next season -- there's going to be some soul searching as to how to improve the roster, whether Barrett is worth a huge contract, whether they should try to re-sign Robinson, etc. In terms of the free agent market, that is overstated. Free agent market has become less of a factor in the last few years because most of the stars are signing max/close to max deals and then forcing trades if things go sour. Now, if they had a shot to get Beal or LaVine (I don't think so), they'd probably do anything to make it happen.
Do Randle and the Knicks part ways?
Dana Gauruder
He signed a four-year, $117 mil extension last summer. The Knicks may already have buyer's regret, but who wants to take on that contract?
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