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Hoops Rumors Live Chat 5/19/2022
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If Zach LaVine doesn't re-sign with the Bulls, where do you see him landing? I read some stories suggesting the Blazers as a potential landing spot.
Dana Gauruder
It looks as if the Trail Blazers are intent on becoming a playoff team again -- that's why Lillard hasn't demanded a trade. So, that certainly wouldn't be far-fetched. I think they'd have to open up more cap space to pull it off. Or, work out a sign-and-trade. The Pistons could be a dark horse, since they and the Magic have the most projected cap space. I haven't seen anything to indicate Detroit is targeting LaVine. From all indications, LaVine is most likely to re-sign with the Bulls -- the mutual interest is there.
Orlando fan
Whom should we take with the 1st Pick in the Draft, and if its Holmgren, do we Sign-and-Trade Mo Bamba for another Draft pick ?
Dana Gauruder
With Wagner, Carter and Holmgren, the Magic could have an incredibly tall and long frontcourt. I would tend to lean more toward Smith with his offensive potential, but Orlando could be a defensive nightmare on the interior with Holmgren roaming around. You're right, the way the lottery shook out, Bamba is expendable. It's an interesting decision -- give him a $10 mill qualifying offer and make him restricted? Or allow him to becoming an unrestricted free agent and open up more cap room? I think they'll make him an RFA and see what the market bears. If they don't match, they'll have the cap room to facilitate other trades.
If you were betting.... which All Star are you expecting to be traded this offseason?
Dana Gauruder
Looking at the 2022 All-Star participants -- at least the ones who played -- the one name that jumps out is Gobert. The Jazz are kind of spinning their wheels, good but not quite good enough to win the championship, and might look to shake things up. Gobert's extension makes it a little tougher to deal him but there are plenty of teams that would like to have a stalwart like him at the back end of their defense.
WCF Finals - Gm 1
Was it the Warriors defense or just the Mavericks missing Open shots last night?  I saw a lot of wide-open 3s that Dallas just flat out missed.
Dana Gauruder
Just the typical ebbs and flows of the playoffs. The Warriors were the more rested and energetic team. Playoff series are all about adjustments and I'm sure Jason Kidd and his staffs will make a few to counter the Warriors' schemes. Can't see Dallas shooting 36 percent and 23 percent for the whole series. The Mavs are a resilient bunch and it wouldn't shock me if they roared back and won Game 2.
ELi kid
Can the Cavs with the 14th pick make into the playoffs this next season and if so, how far will they go?
Dana Gauruder
I don't think the draft pick is going to make that big of an impact. The Cavs just need some good health -- the core of Garland, Mobley and Allen is solid, plus a full season out of LeVert. They have to decide what to do about Sexton and will look for another shooter and ballhandler. They were middle of the pack in 3-point shooting this season. Otherwise, the future looks bright.
With the draft coming next month who are the international draft prospects you except to be draft in the first and 2nd rounds.
Dana Gauruder
NBA teams can be sneaky when it comes to their interest in overseas prospects. Often depends whether they actually want their pick to play next season or stash them for a year or two. Ousmane Dieng is a potential lottery pick -- agile, long 18-year-old forward with good size who played in the NBL. Nikola Jovic is a similar first-round prospect. Hugo Besson, who also played with the New Zealand Breakers, might be the best international guard prospect.
is jerami grant a piston after draft night?  If not, what’s a reasonable haul?
Dana Gauruder
The lottery didn't go quite as the Pistons hoped. I have to believe they wanted to at least stay in the top four but now sit in a trickier position at No. 5. You figure Smith, Holmgren and Banchero comes off the board. Then what do the always unpredictable Kings do? If Sacramento grabs Ivey to essentially replace Haliburton, whom they traded, then the Pistons grab K. Murray. That would give them more incentive to trade Grant. If the Kings take Murray, are the Pistons sold on Ivey being the long-term answer next to Cade? If so, there's more reason to extend and hang onto Grant. So, what the Kings do could go a long way toward determining how Grant's situation plays out.
What would it take for a team to trade for Brunson?
Dana Gauruder
A burning desire by Brunson to leave Dallas for the heftiest contract possible with another team. He'll be an unrestricted free agent, so he's free to go elsewhere. However, he could tell the Mavs he's going to sign with Team X; Dallas can then explore a sign-and-trade if it is in the Mavs' interest. Otherwise, Brunson can simply sign the dotted line with his new team.
Number man
What type of contract will looney get in the off season?  He is peaking at the right time and many playoff contenders may go all after him raising his value.
Dana Gauruder
Really hard to say. Solid role player who might have more value to the team he's on than most other clubs. I don't think Looney will get a full mid-level offer but maybe something closer to the $6-8 mill range.
Joel John
Do you see the kings have a realistic chance of trading for any of Rui Hachimura, Keldon Johnson or John Collins with their focus on making the playoffs..? How would the trade be structured?
Dana Gauruder
I'd be surprised if the Spurs gave up Johnson. The Wizards have decisions to make regarding their frontcourt, so Hachimura could be expendable if they're not sold on him long-term. He's still on his rookie deal, so salary matching wouldn't be a concern. Kings would likely have to give up a future first-rounder as part of the package. Collins has four years left on his contract and will make 23-mill plus next season. So, Kings would likely have to give up Barnes and some draft capital there.
Hornets fan here.  We're rostering a lot of young guys who need minutes, so bringing in two more this year might be a little much.  Do you think the Blazers would take 13 and 15 for 7 so we can grab Duren?  Any chance they'd have interest in Hayward as part of that trade?  Thanks!
Dana Gauruder
As stated earlier, Portland doesn't want to go into full rebuild mode. The Blazers want to be relevant again quickly, so I don't see them looking to pick up two rookies in the middle of the first round. They probably would be more interested in acquiring a veteran or two who can help right away. Would they covet Hayward enough? His recent injury history would give teams a lot of pause. Charlotte would likely have to take back Eric Bledsoe and a few other contracts to make the numbers work.
Do you expect the Pels to trade for a vet pg? Assuming Zion returns, Ingram, CJ, Valanciunas is a great starting lineup along with the young core.
Dana Gauruder
Assuming they can drop Zion into that lineup, another guard would be the logical way to go to pair up with McCollum. I'd think the Pelicans would dip into their stash of future first rounders to fill that need. If all goes well, you have to think the Pels will be a force for years to come. That's assuming Zion stays healthy and stays put.
What do you see Sacramento doing with the 4th pick?
Dana Gauruder
It's always tough to know what Sacramento is thinking. I think the Kings will keep the pick and draft either Murray, which would make Barnes more expendable, or slot in Ivey as Fox's backcourt partner.
That's all the time we have. Sorry I couldn't get to all questions -- there were plenty of good ones. Please join Luke Adams on Tuesday for the next live chat.