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Hoops Rumors Live Chat 9/29/2022
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Do you think the Warriors will sign Jordan Poole by the deadline?  Seems like it's a no brainer and then can hope that Green opts out and signs a long term deal at a lower AAV.
Dana Gauruder
I think it comes down to whether they can agree on a number both sides are satisfied with. The Warriors have always been willing to pay a big tax bill  The fact that Wiggins has an expiring contract and many of their other players outside of Big 3 are rookies or on vet minimum's helps the cause. As long as Poole isn't seeking something outrageous, I think they'll get it done.
Some Guy
Controversial take: If the Cavs start Caris LeVert at the 3, their defense craters compared to last year and they still miss the playoffs. LeVert is an awful defender, and hasn't even met average for his whole career. Hate to say it as a Cavs fan, but I'm skeptical.
Dana Gauruder
According to the people who have seen Cavs practice, LeVert has looked great thus far and is probably the favorite to start at SF. Regardless, he'll play a lot. I don't think Cleveland's chances of making the postseason hinge on LeVert's defensive prowess or lack thereof. They've got a pretty solid back line in Allen/Mobley, though perimeter defense in general could be an issue. That's a bold prediction Cavs will miss the playoffs. I think it's more likely they'll finish top 6 in the East. We'll find out soon enough.
Siwan Pi
Is there a possibility in case that Gray and Zegarowski after waived is to acquire them via 2-way contract?
Dana Gauruder
Unlikely, considering the Nets already have both 2 way slots filled by Duke and Alondes Williams. More likely they'll wind up with the G League affiliate -- if they impress enough, they could wind up on the 15-man or get a two-way at some point this season.
Siwan Pi
Can Detroit Pistons would surprise the league?
Can Rockets would fire Silas if they still at the bottom of the standings?
Dana Gauruder
In terms of the Pistons, the acquisition of Bojan improves their outlook this season. I could see them in a best-case scenario flirting with the .500 mark and making the play-in tournament. Really like what Weaver has achieved with the roster overhaul during last 2 years. As for the Rockets, I don't sense Silas' job is on the line. I think they need to show some tangible improvement but no one is expecting them to make the postseason. As long as the young guys show progress, Silas shouldn't have to worry about his job.
Number man
Will the Lakers stay patient and ride out the season with Westbrook so next year they can sign some free agents next year or will LeBron demand immediate help and bring on added payroll for next year?
Dana Gauruder
I can't jump into the mind of LeBron. However, I don't see the Lakers simply settling for mediocrity this season. It's not as if LeBron has many years left. If they can find a deal that would make them much more dangerous, they'll go for it. I do think, if there's a willing trade partner, they'll move Westbrook. It would be surprise if everything works out smoothly with Westbrook remaining on the roster all season. The acquisition of Beverley/Schroder suggest they'll be ready to pull the trigger on a Westbrook deal at any time.
East looks more open. Ball may be out in Chicago. Udoka situation in Boston. Does Simmons suit up for Brooklyn? Who do you see as the biggest benefactor of the chaos in the East to make the playoffs?
Dana Gauruder
The East looked wide open even before those developments. Boston was considered the favorite and I don't think the coaching situation changes that equation. The Celtics are looking for another veteran voice on the staff to help Mazzulla. If they feel he's in over his head as season progress, I believe they'll hire a veteran, well-respected guy to guide them to the finish line. As for Simmons, all indications is that he'll not only suit up but play heavy minutes.
Jaden Ivey
What’s it take for me to get ROY?  Besides us making the playoffs.
Dana Gauruder
Fitting in seamlessly with Cade and racking up impressive enough stats on a much improved team to be considered a difference-maker. But I believe there are players drafted in the lottery who have a path toward a better statistical profile. The Pistons should be a pretty balanced attack with Cade leading the way.
What will the Suns be looking for in return for Crowder? Will he be part of a package to bring a bigger piece back?
Dana Gauruder
I haven't seen much regarding what the Suns would expect in return for Crowder. I would think it's safe to assume they'd want a future first-rounder. He's got a reasonable expiring contract ($10MM) -- but there is a sense Phoenix would like to get this situation resolved by the end of camp rather than having another lingering issue.
Obi Toppin
What are my chances this year? Do you think I could have a breakout season if given the chance?
Dana Gauruder
As long as Randle is there, it will tough for Toppin to have any kind of a "breakout." I don't think Thibs is thrilled with the prospect of playing both of his power forwards together, at least not in long stretches. It's one of the reasons they went out and signed Hartenstein.
Wizards fan
Do you see the Wizards moving one of their plethora of Small Forwards?  Hachimura, Avidja, Kuzma, Kispert, etc.
Dana Gauruder
At some point this season, I think they'll make a deal. Just a matter of how the season plays out. They've had this "plethora" all summer but haven't felt the need to break the logjam.
Robert s
The clippers biggest challenge will be to find enough minutes for everyone imo. Their 2nd unit should blow everyone out. Can you think of a deeper team in recent history?
Dana Gauruder
Jackson, Mann, Powell, Covington, Morris, Kennard...I'd say that's a pretty nice group to have at your disposal. The trade for Powell and Covington looks even better now if those are 2 of your bench guys. If Kawhi and PG can stay reasonably healthy, no one is going to want to deal with the Clippers in the playoffs.
Are you surprised that the Spurs traded murray? Why would a team that has prided itself on consistency opt to go full-tank?
Dana Gauruder
I was surprised at the time but the scuttlebutt was that he wasn't interested in signing an extension with them. They decided to cash their chips coming off a career year when he was in good health. They got a nice package of picks for him. To answer the second part of your question, it is very odd to see the Spurs in full rebuild mode, especially with Pops still coaching the team.
James Wiseman
What are reasonable expections for Warriors center James Wiseman this season, and will his Contract have to be Sacrificed in order to Sign either Poole or Wiggins to contract Extensions?
Dana Gauruder
Reasonable expectation for Wiseman -- establish himself as a solid 20-25 minute player coming off the knee issues. There's no pressure on him to play heavy minutes with Kevon back in the fold. He needs to be an energetic force, particularly on the defensive end, and become a reliable pick-and-roll option at the offensive end. If he can do those things, it will be a successful season for him. And no, his presence on the team isn't tied long-term to Poole or Wiggins. As previously noted, the Warriors have always been willing to go deep into the luxury tax. The team holds a $12 mill option on his contract for 2023/24. They can work on an extension with him if they choose next offseason or let him become a restricted FA in 2024.
Across the league, which teams do you feel have roles that are glaringly unfilled but also fairly feasible to fill? Eg Cavs starting SF, Blazers backup C
Dana Gauruder
Most teams are sorting through their rosters to come up with the best possible rotation. As an example, do the Pistons start Bojan and play Bey at PF or leave Bey at SF and start Bagley at the 4? In terms of the two situations you mentioned, the Cavs have plenty of options at SF but LeVert will likely get the most minutes there, whether he starts or not. As for Blazers, Eubanks and Sarr are the backups on paper -- I could see them going out and getting another vet at that position.
Tyler Herro
Will the Heat trade me
Dana Gauruder
If they can work out an extension, no. However, as we posted today, Herro isn't interested in giving the team any type of discount. So it comes down to whether the Heat feel he's worth $25-30 mill a year or whatever he's seeking. They've already had buyer's regret retaining Duncan Robinson. As for dealing Herro, I only see that happening if they get a serious impact player in return. Is there one on the market right now? Not sure there is.
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