Jason Mackey's Penguins chat: 7.27.17
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i didnt realize how little rust was making but i still believe that sheary is a product of sidney crosby and i believe in the value of a linemate for crosby but it seems like they have alot of young talented wingers that could gel with crosby anyways for cheaper
Jason Mackey
I don't disagree with you, but if they go to arbitration, Sheary is going to go there with 23 goals in 61 games. That's a lot. And it's going to net him at least $2 million ... and very, very likely more than that.
Wouldn't the Pens be best served to try to move Pouliot, Maata, and Hagelin to get out from under $10M in salary.  Especially if Prow and Archibold may be cheaper options?
Jason Mackey
Well, Pouliot would net little in terms of salary savings. If you have an opposing team willing to pay Hagelin $4 million coming off a six-goal seasons, you might want to tell Rutherford. I doubt his phone is ringing off the hook with Hagelin. With Maatta, it depends on what they could get back. He remains a trade piece. He might be a great fit with Toronto on a Bozak deal. Regardless of Maatta's down periods, there's been positives, too, and he's still a young defenseman with a ton of potential.
Don't you think Maatta for Bozak would be an overpay? Bozak, 31, free agent next summer. Maatta, 23, signed for 5 more years. I'd be unhappy if JR made that trade, but maybe Maatta + for Duchene?
Jason Mackey
Plus what, though? I wouldn't go straight Maatta for Bozak, but those would be the centerpieces. To bring in a 3C, whether it's Bozak or not, of any sort of importance, I think you have to send dollars out. Not saying it will be Maatta, but it has to be someone, I know that.
OK, folks. That does it. I'll be back next week. Then you get Sam for two weeks. So, let's do this next Thursday at the same time. Thank you, as always, for participating. You make these chats what they are -- special.