Live Chat with MLBTR's Steve Adams: 6/20/17
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Steve Adams
Well, he's been a plus defender in recent years, anyhow. Metrics are down a bit in 2017, but we're not looking at a massive sample yet
Rick James
why does mpbtraderumors have such a low view of Braves veteran trade candidates? Like Adams, Garcia, Markakis, Kemp, Johnson, Phillips, Dickey? they can being some good returns
Steve Adams
Because none of them are especially great players and several (Markakis, Kemp) come with less-than desirable contracts attached. Garcia is decent, but no one's going to give up a significant haul of prospects to acquire him.
Does Solar make it back to the Royals roster?
Steve Adams
Yeah. He's destroying AAA pitching.
Thanks for your Ireland trip advice a couple months ago!!  We followed it pretty closely & had a fantastic time.  Try the Garavan whiskey bar in Galway if you're ever back that way.  I'd put it right up there The Dylan in Kilkenny.
Steve Adams
That's awesome! I'm really glad to hear it. Ireland's fantastic, and my girlfriend and I loved the week we spent there. Happy to hear that our experience helped to benefit someone else's. And I will certainly do that, as a return to Galway is a must at some point for me.
I've got to wrap up for the week. Thanks for chatting everyone! You can ask me more questions on Twitter (@Adams_Steve) and chat with Jason (6:30pm CT tomorrow) and Jeff (2pm CT Thursday) later this week.

Take care!