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Mark P
Hi gang, we're back with another Sunday night chat.  We're going a bit earlier this week since I gather there's a program about dragons at 8pm CT that everyone is keen on watching.  I believe it's a TV version of the old Disney classic Pete's Dragon or something
Rob M
Should MLB allow trading of draft picks?
Mark P
In my opinion, yes.  It's an easy way to spice up interest in the draft, and there isn't any real downside.  In this era of teams valuing draft picks to the nth degree, you certainly won't see any club ruining itself by making a Ted Stepien-level series of ill-advised pick trades
Mr obvious says...
Vlad is a bust.. prove me wrong..
Mark P
Because he hasn't even been in the big leagues for two weeks yet?  Relax
What teams are going to be sellers early other than the Blue Jay's who already announced their fire sale?
Mark P
No reason the Marlins, Royals, and Orioles shouldn't be open for business already.  The Giants are probably a couple of weeks away from joining that list.
Jared C
Are the Red Sox back!
Mark P
Looks like it.  Example #891863 of why you shouldn't write a team or player off after a slow start of just a few weeks
With Kluber out, does Dallas Keuchel in Cleveland make sense
Mark P
Doubtful.  Signing Keuchel now would cost the Tribe a draft pick, plus adding an eight-figure salary doesn't seem likely for a team that made payroll cuts such a priority last winter
What do you think of River ave blues shutting down?
Mark P
Sorry to see the site go, it was an excellent blog and a must-read for any Yankees fan
Any word on vets like Gattis or Bautista signing somewhere as the season goes?
Mark P
Not out of the question, though teams may prefer to add a similar low-cost bat who has actually been playing in the majors or minors, rather than sign a guy who will need some time to ramp up in the minor leagues
Matt E
Are you surprised at the Reds OF shakeup?
Mark P
Not entirely.  The Reds had an outfield "surplus" in terms of players, not necessarily in talent --- just about all of those guys were question marks in one way or another.  It isn't a surprise that some of those names haven't panned out.

Cincy seems to have settled on the Winker/Senzel/Puig trio and they'll go from there.  Schebler and Ervin are still available at Triple-A for more depth, though Schebler's brutal start has been unfortunate
Jerry A
Should the Tigers extend Mize now so they can bring him up in 2019? He's embarrassing all comers and was noted as one of the most polished pitching prospects in decades.
Mark P
Extending a guy before he has even made his Triple-A debut would be a bold move, even in these days of Eloy/Kingery-style extensions before a prospect has appeared in the big leagues.

If you're the Tigers, why take the risk?  No reason to take the extension leap yet, so just let Mize continue to develop, and enjoy the eye-popping results
billy eppler
Should I kiss off this season...?? IF so, what do I do with Cozart & Calhoun?
Mark P
Eppler is the Angels' GM, by the way

It's too soon to sell yet, especially since Ohtani and Upton have yet to play a game.  If Anaheim still isn't doing anything by July, however, expect some selling to take place.  Calhoun has shown some signs of a bounce-back this year (at least power-wise), though Cozart has next to zero trade value at this point.
Is Chavis legit or lucky so far?
Mark P
.379 BABIP so far, so some regression is inevitable.  But it isn't at all a shock that a well-regarded hitting prospect gets off to a good start at the plate
Jeter Jeter Pumkineater
WSH had the worst pen ERA in MLB. Is that draft pick compensation worth losing key early games in a tight race?
Mark P
It has to be frustrating for the Nats and their fans, since Washington made lots of moves last winter (including a big spend on Corbin) but now they're getting slammed by injuries and a faulty bullpen.  

As I said earlier about Keuchel, however, signing Kimbrel at this point means both giving up a pick, and adding a guy who will still need several weeks of minor league warm-up time before he can help the MLB club.  Can you argue signing Kimbrel in the offseason would've made sense for a team that was already going for it?  Sure.  Signing him now might not be a great move.
Has MLB done itself a disservice by "hiding" their draft and draft picks away in comparison to the other leagues?
Mark P
Yes and no.  While I think trading picks would generate more buzz, the very nature of baseball inherently makes its draft a lesser deal than the NFL/NBA/NHL drafts.  In those sports, a draft pick can help the team the very next season --- in baseball, even the top picks go to the minors for at least a season or two.
Plus, fans are just more familiar with the top football or basketball stars due to college sports.  (And in Canada, the top players in junior hockey are known for years.)
Matt Kemp
How long before I get a shot on a new team?
Mark P
Maybe not too long.  In regards to that Gattis/Bautista question from earlier, Kemp is the kind of player who will get more attention since he is already in game shape.
I've thought for years that Kemp could revive his career as a DH, if an American League team would just acquire him.  It's wild that he's spent his entire career in the NL.
Any chance the Braves make a splash and trade for Stroman?
Mark P
Sure, there's a chance.  He's controllable through 2020, which doesn't quite make him the long-term type of arm the Braves would prefer, though he brings more than just a pure rental.
Does Matt Carpenter need to be moved out of the lineup in your opinion?
Mark P
That seems like an overreaction at this point since he's a traditional slow starter.  Looking at Carpenter's career splits, April is the worst month of his career, OPS-wise.
Does Matt Kemp make sense for the white sox? We have exactly 0 mlb caliber outfielders on the active roster
Mark P
Defense-wise, it has been a while since Kemp has been an "MLB-caliber outfielder," but I see your point.  Wouldn't hurt as a low-cost flier for the ChiSox.
Super Dave Osborne
Can MLB do anything about extra innings? The Mets were forced to use Matz as a PH in that crazy game and ge has a nerve problem. I would think this would mostly be an NL problem with managers running out of players.  I  would think DH would help but 18 innings is ridiculous.
Mark P
Traditionalists might wince at it, but here's my hot take --- if a regular-season game is still tied after 12 innings, just call it a tie.  I don't have the numbers in front of me, but there can't be many more than a couple dozen 12+ innings games all season, so this wouldn't affect too much in the standings.
Rangers fan
If Mike Minor continues to pitch like this, do the Rangers keep him or trade him??? What do you think he would bring back in prospects,  considering that he has another affordable year on his contract??
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