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Mark P
Welcome to the Sunday night chat.  Filling the void left behind by Game Of Thrones on Sunday evenings!
MLB for Life!
Now that the Ms have taken a turn for the worse, do you see them shopping Jay and Edwin? Seager?!
Mark P
I think the Mariners have been open to dealing either of those guys (particularly Bruce) this entire time, contention or no contention.  They'd very likely be open to moving Seager too, though I'm not sure how much interest they would generate given Seager's injuries and down year in 2018
It would probably take more than two months of good play to Seager dealt at this deadline, that is
Bob Loblaw
Will the twins win 100 games?
Mark P
100 wins is a tall order for any team, especially since Minnesota is bound to somewhat cool off (right?) at some point.  But if they are for real, 100 wins isn't out of the question given the overall weakness of the AL Central
For comparison's sake, however, Cleveland has dominated the Central for the last three years, but only cracked 100 wins once
The obvious move for Cubs involves fixing back end of their pen but you can see them stealthily in on another bat? 2B becoming a bit of a sore spot.
Mark P
Maybe a very minor type of addition, since the Cubs already have a lot of 2B options on paper --- Descalso, Bote, Russell, Zobrist once he eventually returns, maybe Happ in a pinch.  Chicago will keep running their internal options out there to see if anyone turns it around, though if this continues by mid-July, they'll likely make some calls about infielders
Jon Daniels
Should I consider shopping for pitching since the Rangers are in the hunt and playing great offense?
Mark P
(Jon Daniels being the Rangers' GM, of course)

Can't hurt to check around for arms, though I doubt Texas makes any type of big deadline move.  Remember, their best-case scenario is likely the wild card game, since Houston is in all likelihood going to run away with the AL West.  Daniels and company aren't going to give up too much for a crack at a one-game playoff.
Heh, it occurs to me that I wrote almost that same thing in regards to the D'Backs in the Luke Weaver post on the MLBTR main page.  Can I sue myself for plagiarism?
Braves fan
Any chance the Baylor catcher Shea falls to Braves At 9? I know you usually draft best player available but he could be best at 9 in a position of need.
Mark P
Sure, there's a chance.  The MLB draft often sees players rise or fall based on signability, teams preferring some guys over other guys, or a hundred other factors we don't know about
Chances Anthony Rendon gets traded
Mark P
Definitely.  The Nats held off on dealing Harper last year due to ownership reluctance, though the team was also still on the outskirts of the pennant race.
This season, however, the Nats might be well out of it by July, so there won't be any illusion that Rendon will be needed for a late-season surge.  

It ultimately depends on what the Lerners want to do in regards to Rendon, of course, but I'd say there's a better than  50-50 chance Rendon is dealt by July 31
Die hard chi Sox fan
With the draft coming soon, any chance DeWitt goes #1
Mark P
I'm as big a Joyce DeWitt fan as anyone, but the late great John Ritter is absolutely the clear-cut #1 pick in any draft of Three's Company actors.

Now, if you mean Bobby Witt Jr. in the upcoming amateur baseball draft, then sure, there's a chance depending on how the Orioles' talks go with Adley Rutschman in terms of signing bonus, draft pool size, etc.  But there seems to be a pretty strong consensus building that Rutschman goes first overall
When the Giants sell, would it be a mistake to go after mlb-ready players rather than fairly distant prospects? Or do they just take value, in whatever form it comes?
Mark P
Indications are that Giants ownership doesn't want a total rebuild, as evidenced by their late push for Bryce Harper and the reports that the owners aren't pleased with lower attendance/revenues at the ballpark.

Plus, a total rebuild might be difficult anyway, given the nature of the Giants' multiple hard-to-move contracts with no-trade protection.
So my on-the-fence answer is simply to just get value in any form, and the Giants would then go from there.
Do you happen to have any updates or news on Luke Weaver's injury?
Mark P
Nothing yet. Torey Lovullo's only postgame update was that they're still looking at it.

Needless to say, it would be a really tough blow for Weaver and the D'Backs if it ends up being Tommy John surgery.  "Forearm tightness" is an ominous term, though it could also end up being something relatively minor
Jim B
Do the Orioles move Mancini at the trade deadline or offer him an extension?
Mark P
A trade is likelier than an extension.  Mancini is eligible for arbitration after this season, so the O's already have him controlled through 2022.
What do you see the rays doing about there infield clutter? Do you think they move them for a guy like Trevor Bauer or sign a guy like kuechal with Glasnow going to the 60day IL?
Mark P
The thing is, the Rays see their infield depth as a strength, not as "clutter."  They love moving guys around to different positions, playing matchups, and plus it gives them lots of cover in case of injuries or players slumping.
Doesn't mean they wouldn't be open to trading an infielder in the right deal, but I also don't think they're in any big rush
Wire Fan
Were reports of Jason Hayward's offensive resurrection greatly exaggerated?  After a hot start he's been terrible since late April and has a 53 wRC+ in May.
Mark P
Seems like it.  A good reminder to never draw conclusions from a hot start or a slow start.
Ryan T
The Orioles need pitching.  Attendance is down.  Bartolo is available.  What is Elias waiting for?
Mark P
Heck, now that Davis is on the IL, the Orioles could even give Bartolo a couple of starts at DH
Dave D
How about if I convice Pedroia to retire. Hire him as a special assistant at similar $$ to what he forfeits by retiring. Then spend the $$ saved to sign Kimbrel. Stay under max luxury tax and strengthen our weakest area
Mark P
The league and players' union has rules against those kinds of luxury-tax and contractual shenanigans.
A brief rant: I've seen a few "Pedroia is an albatross, the Sox should dump him" type of questions both in this chat and in previous weeks.  Are Boston fans really this sour on Dustin Pedroia, of all people?  A guy who's been a terrific player for years, helped the Sox to multiple championships, signed two extensions that were arguably below-market at the time so the Red Sox could have more payroll space.....what am I missing here?

Pedroia has more than outperformed his contracts already, even if the last few years of his deal end up being marred by injury.
Braves fan 88
Can we finally get everyone to shut up about Dansby being a bust?? He finally has some seasoning and experience under his belt, and most importantly he's finally hitting with a healthy, 100% wrist!!
Mark P
The "don't make conclusions based on a slow start" applies to a prospect's career arc as well.  Swanson is still only 25, it was far too early to write him off as a bust
Plus, considering that the Braves got him in a heist of a trade, Swanson doesn't even need to be a superstar.  Just being a solid everyday player makes that deal even more of a win for Atlanta than it already is
Warriors or Raptors?
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