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Mark P
What's up, chatters?  June has already delivered us one notable trade in Jay Bruce to the Phillies, so who knows what might be in store
Joe O
Dallas to New York?
Mark P
I've never taken the voyage, but I assume it's a smooth drive once you hit the highway.

Seriously, the Yankees have definitely been checking into Keuchel, and are certainly in the mix along with probably a dozen other teams
Rusty Greer Extravaganza
6:39 the little Rangers actually have more in their bag than we thought a few short weeks ago?
Mark P
They sure can hit!  The Rangers had sort of the Diet Coke version of the Twins' offseason --- acquire a bunch of veterans on short-term deals, though the Rangers were probably more just trying to tread water than to necessarily compete.  But, the plan has overachieved thus far.
As to whether they're playoff contenders or not, they seem to have as good a shot as anyone for a wild card in an American League with so few actual good teams.  It'll be interesting to see how they approach the deadline since they'll be vying for just a one-game playoff rather than the division --- I'd imagine Houston still has the AL West on lock, injuries notwithstanding
Are the mariners really the worst team in baseball? It doesn't feel like they should be as bad as they are, yet here we are....
Mark P
By winning percentage, the Mariners aren't even a bottom-five team in baseball.  But their struggles are real.
KC is apparently in "everything must go, no reasonable offers refused" mode. What other teams that have valuable assets do you expect to go all in and when?
Mark P
I think several teams have already been in this mode all season --- Miami, Baltimore, Toronto, Detroit to some extent.

You've already seen the Mariners give indications that they're ready to start selling, and I'd guess the Giants won't be too far behind given their rough record
Acuña’s power has seemed to drop off. Has the league adjusted to him and now he needs to readjust? Or is he pressing?
Mark P
Looking at Acuna's isolated slugging numbers throughout the minor leagues, his current .186 ISO is a lot close to his minors totals than his .259 ISO in 2018 was.  It could be that 2018 was his power outlier, at least at this stage in this young career.
While there's been a power dropoff, Acuna is pretty much the same in average, OBP, and hard-hit balls --- plus, his strikeouts and swinging-strike rate is down from last season.

In short, I think he'll be fine.
He's definitely not a one-dimensional hitter, which bodes well for his overall development that he is still so productive even without many home runs
Feeling a little better about the Cards? Or are you still feeling the Blues on them?
Mark P
Great, now "Gloria" will be stuck in my head all night
Dom Mazetti
Matt Boyd on Det available?
Mark P
I'd expect the Tigers to listen to offers, as they will for basically anyone on their team.  They'll have a steep price tag for Boyd, however.
Mr. Cub
Cubs need kimbrel. Any chance?
Mark P
It seems that way, as Ken Rosenthal reported the other day:
brian C
So what is Seattle thinking with the Bruce trade low level prospect and only saving 3 mill it seems like a bad move on their part
What do the Phils see in Bruce?  He has no position, never could hit for average?  is Herrera done for the year?
Mark P
You know it's a good trade when fans of both teams are upset!

The Phillies are only paying Bruce $3.6MM over two years, making him a more than worthwhile investment as a bench bat.  Bruce at Citizens Bank could deliver a lot of power potential.  While I'm wary of the defensive implications of Bruce and McCutchen in LF/CF regularly, Bruce seems like he'll be a part-timer, and he can back up Hoskins at first base
For the Mariners, I think any money saved on Bruce is good money at this point, since they took him solely as a salary offset in the Cano trade.
A,s pitching.     Any news on Luzardo or Puk or even Manaea will they be back this summer?
Mark P
What do you think the Diamondbacks do with all their picks? And who may they be targeting?
Mark P
As far as I've heard, it's the old "take the best player available" strategy, which is never a bad idea.

For those unaware, Arizona has seven (!) of the first 75 picks in this year's draft.  The D'Backs are certainly hoping this becomes a franchise-altering class of young talent
Paul Goldschmidt
Do you see Washington blowing it up and trading their star players like rendon, scherzer, etc?
Mark P
Scherzer no, since the team still expects to contend in 2020.

Rendon maybe, since he's a free agent after the season.  I wrote this last week as well, but it'll depend on how Nationals ownership feels about trading a star player --- remember, they squashed that potential Bryce Harper trade to Houston at last year's deadline.
Machado was a bad deal?
Mark P
Two months into a ten-year contract is a little early to pass judgement, eh?
Die hard chi Sox fan
With the draft coming up, any chance Witt Jr or Vaughn go #1
Mark P
Adley Rutschman seems to be the consensus #1, though you never know what might happen with contract talks.  The Orioles could still take someone like Witt or Vaughn if they're willing to take less money, thus allowing the O's to spend more of their pool money on other picks
concerned Giant Fan
Is Farhan out of his league ? Did he take on too much, not knowing how to really fix a team ?
Mark P
Farhan Zaidi is an experienced front office executive, this isn't his first rodeo.

The issue with the Giants is that they may not be able to be "fixed" apart from a total rebuild, which ownership seemingly didn't want to sign off on.  It's hard to trade players when so many of SF's veterans are paid so much, aren't playing particularly well, and/or have no-trade clauses
Do you think Alex Anthopolous would be willing to part with enough of their second tier prospects to acquire both Marcus Stroman and Madison Baumgartner? Both should be available and then the Braves could mix and match pitchers between starters and the bullpen depending on who is hot.
Mark P
I can see Atlanta getting one of Stroman or MadBum, but both seems like a tall order.  That would diminish a lot of the Braves' prospect depth, and given the amount of interest both pitchers will get in the trade market, the Braves would need to give more than just "second tier" types to acquire either
Scott from Oakville
Beyond the obvious (Stroman, Giles, Smoak, maybe Sanchez if he can stay healthy) who else do you see the Jays trading this summer?
Mark P
Galvis, Sogard, Hudson, Richard....basically any veteran on the roster, if anything can be gained for them
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