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Mark P
Hi folks, let's talk some baseball!
How bad was the Mets loss today?
Mark P
The loss was pretty bad, but not as bad as the postgame activity
Bruce Bochy
will Smith brings in a top 100 prospect
Mark P
I think he will based on the sheer number of teams interested in him, though not a high top-100 type of prospect....maybe low 80's or 90's
My MLBTR teammate Connor Byrne recently noted that last year's rental-closer types didn't garner much back in return, but I'd argue that Smith is a step beyond that group
What do you see the Phillies doing if things stay the same with the team losing like they are?  Manager or GM change?  Other moves?
Mark P
I'm guessing the Phillies will be a busy team leading up to the trade deadline, to see if an addition or two can get them on track.  

If nothing changes and they have another .500-ish season like last year...I could see a managerial change.  They're unlikely to fire Klentak the GM just as he's starting to put the pieces together after the rebuild, but managers have much less job security
Whit merrifield for Ian happ?
Mark P
The Royals would say "Happ sounds good, now who are the other 3-4 young players you're going to send us, Theo?"
What are 5 players with the most trade value In order of most to least?
Mark P
Sorry, did you say five players or 50 players?  Since....
Hey Mark. Does Jose Ramirez have any options remaining? If so, why haven’t they optioned him? He’s been in a slump since last August.
Mark P
Ramirez has one option remaining, so he could be sent down if the Tribe felt some a minor league refresh was necessary
But it leaves Cleveland in a bind, since as much as Ramirez is struggling, he's also a guy who was an MVP candidate at this time last year.  And there aren't any other great in-house options as replacements.  It's an odd situation all around, since Ramirez has been just really mediocre for almost a full year now
Do you see the rays dual city proposal as a way to ease their fans into the idea of the team moving completely to Montreal?
Mark P
Ease in?  Is there any fan in Tampa who would be all, "you know, the Rays leaving down immediately would've been painful, but prolonging it over several years was much better!"
Like many others, I see this Montreal thing as basically a bluff on the part of Rays management.
With the Yankees saying they don’t want to trade Frazier for a rental/short term pitcher, do you still see them landing a starter?
Mark P
They might "say" they don't want to deal Frazier for a pitcher who is only controlled through this season or through 2020, but that could also just be a negotiating tactic.  

I get the logic in them not wanting to deal him for only a rental, but a pitcher who can help them both this season and next?  That seems reasonable.
Automotive strike zone
Any chance the cubs do not pick up Quintana’s option for 2020? Been pretty mediocre
Mark P
For reference's sake, the Cubs have a $10.5MM club option on Quintana for next season, with a $1MM buyout.  So, it's a $9.5MM decision on a pitcher who was worth 1.6 fWAR last season, and 1.3 fWAR so far this year.
I think the Cubs are likely to exercise that option.  Their rotation next year shapes up as Hendricks and Lester as the only sure things and Darvish if he stays healthy.  Hamels is an FA, the team seems to prefer Chatwood and Montgomery, and Alzolay may not be quite ready for a full-on rotation job quite yet.  

At $9.5MM for one year, Quintana is still good value for depth
Brandon belt
Does someone need a first baseman enough to take me off the giants hands? I know buster needs to move to first soon.
Mark P
The Giants would have to eat a lot of that salary to make a Brandon Belt trade happen.  He has $16MM owed in both 2020 and 2021, plus around $8.3MM still owed this year
Going back a few years, that Belt extension surprised me at the time.  The Giants knew they'd have to be moving Posey into an increased amount of first base duty eventually, so why make such a big investment in a good-but-not-great first baseman for so many years?
Oh, and Belt has a partial no-trade clause, too.  Another obstacle in a deal
Not a Yankee Fan
I see Cashman has made some good deals but some other deals are questionable in mind. They traded for Stanton and outlay $25 Million for 10 years for a not great outfielder. They had a young developing player in Frazier. Then they trade for EE and send Frazier to the minors. Instead of grabbing EE the focus should have been on pitching and then utilizing the young bat of Frazier. Now they are likely either let Frazier's bat rot in AAA or get a light return for him. What say you on Cash?
Mark P
I think he's a pretty terrific GM, with a track record that speaks for itself.  The Yankees have reloaded themselves with young talent and look to be contenders for years to come.
Obviously, a big payroll helps Cashman do business, but he also has to deal with the extra pressures of the New York market on a daily basis.  It's not easy.  As Ken Davidoff of the NY Post recently observed, Cashman hasn't lost many trades in recent years ---
It’s Ya Boy
Will Smith LAD for Will Smith SF. Who says no?
Mark P
The Dodgers and Giants don't make trades with each other, that rivalry is just too heated in the Wild Wild West.
(Sorry, I couldn't resist)
Hey mark, thanks For chatting. Do you see the Red Sox making any moves before the trade deadline?
Mark P
Bullpen help seems like a must.  If I was Dave Dombrowski, I'd look into a starting pitcher as well, though an improved pen can solve that problem too come playoff time
Jeremy M
Is Pete Alonso the new Mark McGwire?
Mark P
If this means the Lonely Island make a Netflix special about Alonso in 30 years, count me in
Tell me it's not the contract that's harnessed all that hate for Stanton?
Mark P
Yankee fans have a pretty low patience threshold in general, especially for players who, ahem, "underperform"
I use the quote marks since Stanton hit 38 homers with a 127 wRC+ last season.
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