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MLBTR Chat With Mark Polishuk
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Mark P
What's up, Sunday night crew?  Happy Canada Day Eve to all my fellow Canucks! In honoUr of my country, I'll be using Canadians spelling all evening long.
Jake C
Do the redsox have a shot at any high level closer?
Mark P
Money will be the biggest factor, since the Sox are close to the maximum luxury tax line ($246MM).  While some fine closers are available on lesser salaries, Boston might have to pay more of a premium in prospects to land those types of pitchers
Swarzak is hurt and now the Braves are doomed, right?!? But seriously. They need more starters. Stroman? Madbum?
Mark P
It isn't clear yet how long Swarzak will be out, but even with him, Atlanta's pen still needed another arm.  Or maybe they add to the rotation and some someone down to the pen.
Lots of options for the Braves, though it remains to be seen if they'll make a big splash or make some more conservative adds
O's fan
Biggest all star snub?
Mark P
I swear I'm not trying to tailor my answer to the O's fan, but....I don't understand how Trey Mancini isn't Baltimore's rep.  I get the whole juggling of position depth and everything, but when a bad team has only one legit All-Star (with all due respect to John Means), that player should make it
Beyond TreyMan (Fighter Of The Night Man), Bogaerts, Lynn, Sale, Muncy, Machado....lots of names stand out
Paul Goldschmidt
What’s wrong with STL’s offense?
Mark P
Well, Goldschmidt himself is a big part of the problem, he's just not hitting very well.  He'll need another enormous second-half surge to get close to last year's numbers.

But overall, man, STL's offense has almost to a man underperformed.  Except for DeJong and Ozuna, literally everyone is hitting worse than they did last year.
Odds the Jays keep Sanchez past the deadline?  If they do, odds they put him back in the bullpen next year?
Mark P
Just last week, I recall some guy wrote a piece about how Sanchez's trade value was sinking....
Jays would be selling very low if they dealt him now, to the point that they'd best be served to keeping him and (as you mentioned) maybe trying him out as a reliever.  It seems like a waste to make a big arm like that into a bullpen guy, but Sanchez just hasn't been the same pitcher since his finger/blister issues hit
Why is no one mentioning Tanner Roark as a good trade option?
Mark P
Jeff had Roark 13th, that's not good enough?
It isn't totally clear yet if Cincy will be deadline sellers yet.  Still only 5.5 games out of first place since the NL Central teams are all cannibalizing each other, but the Reds have seemingly been waiting all season for a big hot streak that just hasn't come
Enrique Martinez
Which player or players in a trade would make the Diamondbacks a contender? And im not saying World Series contender but just to get them that extra push to a wild card spot.
Mark P
SP is their obvious need, getting even one solid back-of-the-rotation type would be a big help.  They were linked to Mike Leake in trade talks a few weeks ago and he would've been a great fit, especially since the Mariners seemingly willing to eat most of his salary
Should I have waited until after the season to sign Bogaerts and Sale? I bet they would have brought back a pretty big haul.
Mark P
(DD being Dave Dombrowski, I assume, unless former golf star David Duval is also a baseball fan)
I thought the Bogaerts extension was a borderline steal at the time, and it's looking like a real bargain now.  Sale has pitched great, but his injury history would've had me wary about a longer-term deal.

But it's all a moot point, since the Red Sox are trying to win another title this year.  They wouldn't have been dealing X-Bo or Sale even if they hadn't been extended
Should st Louis call Baltimore and ask about Mancini? They need to do something about this offense.
Mark P
Mancini isn't a good fit for an NL team, since he's a subpar outfielder whose only real position is first base, but the Cards already have Goldschmidt locked there for years to come
Les Gomez
Syndergaard and Adell. Who says no?
Mark P
Angels almost certainly aren't moving Adell, he's their homegrown star of the future.
Brodie (Mets GM)
So when do I just say screw it and rebuild? Beyond like 4 players the team just isn’t competing.
Mark P
You have to wonder how much autonomy Van Wagenen has to launch a rebuild, since the Wilpons seem pretty intent on being competitive (and they already went through a recent rebuild phase under Sandy Alderson)
so, nba free agency is nothing like mlb
Mark P
Give it up to our pals at for all their hard work over what has already been a wild couple of days, with even more huge stories coming tomorrow and throughout the week.
How did the Twins only get 2 all-stars? Wishing their players would have been better rewarded for their efforts. I realize there may be another added via vote or injury.
Mark P
In fairness to the league, the whole ASG process is basically a no-win situation, since lots of worthy players are inevitably snubbed every year.

I wonder if there are some low-key arrangements where they know a player won't be there due to injury or something, but they name him an All-Star anyway on merit, thus opening the door for someone else
Do the Yankees have enough interesting prospects to entice the tigers to trade Matt Boyd?
Mark P
Absolutely.  The question is if NY is willing to pay such a high price for a guy who has had a good year but is not necessarily an elite arm.
Crazy fan
If the Reds sell on a scale of 1-10 what are the chances of them trading Castillo?
Mark P
I guess not a zero, since some team could make a ridiculous Godfather offer.  But something like an 0.1 or 0.2 out of 10 on a Castillo deal
need multiples
Stroman and Giles for Andujar. Who says no?  Yanks or Jays?
Mark P
Jays say no in a heartbeat, come on now
Given that the Yankees "prospects" almost never seem to pan out for other teams.  Is there any hesitation for other clubs to make deals with them?
Mark P
Most prospects in general don't pan out, remember.
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