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Mark P
Happy Sunday, everyone!  Let's dive into some questions as we head into the All-Star break
Any chance the white Sox see Madrigal or Robert this season?
Mark P
Both have hit very well at Double-A, and Robert was only just promoted to Triple-A.  With service time a bigger consideration than ever, I'm not sure if the Sox would start either prospect's clock already with a late-season callup, but it certainly isn't out of the question
MN Twins
The twins need to make a few moves and fast because here comes Cleveland right????
Mark P
Looks that way.  You figured the Tribe would turn it around at some point, and now the AL Central is looking like a legit race.
The Twins have been pretty open about monitoring the pitching markets (both bullpen and rotation), so that seems like the most obvious course of action for them to make a notable move
Les Gomez
Edwin Diaz for Michael Chavis make sense for both teams?
Mark P
No sense at all for the Red Sox.  A blue chipper of a young position player prospect is a lot more valuable than a closer, especially one who's struggling as much as Diaz
Is Bumgarner being thrown around as a smokescreen to drive prices for others down or is there a real trade market for him?  I seem to be missing why ppl feel like he’d be worth trading for.
Mark P
The 2014 World Series still looms large in everyone's mind.  Bumgarner isn't a clearcut #1 ace anymore, though any rotation in the game would be improved by his addition
Do the Giants get more for Madbum or Will Smith?
Mark P
Ooh, this seems ripe for a poll question!
The Giants will get more back in a trade for...

Will Smith (62.2% | 637 votes)
Madison Bumgarner (37.8% | 387 votes)

Total Votes: 1,024
Hi Mark! Do you think (Red Sox) Christian Vazquez’s power outbreak is sustainable?
Mark P
Vazquez's isolated power (ISO) for this season is almost twice his career total prior to 2019, so I'd say on some level yes, he isn't going to keep this up.

But I also don't see a total regression.  Vazquez's fly-ball rate isn't much changed from his career norms, but he is making much more hard contact.
Will the Cubs make a trade at the trade deadline Mark P
Mark P
I read this originally as "will the Cubs make a trade at the deadline for Mark P," and I was like, probably not.  I'm not sure my 54mph fastball would help their bullpen much.
I think the Cubs will indeed do something.  It'll take creativity from the front office given their narrow payroll margins for error, but I can at least see one or two small moves being made.  A reliever here, a bench guy there.
Is Marcus Stroman the most likely high level starting pitcher to be traded prior to deadline?
Mark P
No doubt about it.  I wouldn't even be shocked to see him traded before the end of the All-Star break, though that's just speculation on my part
Josh Donaldson
Barring injury, do I receive a QO?
Mark P
I doubt it.  If you're Donaldson, turning 34 in December and coming off a good but not great season (assuming he keeps up his current numbers), you have to be worried about not finding a big contract in free agency.  I think he'd strongly consider accepting a QO to remain with a contending team for $18MM or so, and that's something I don't think the Braves want since they have 3B earmarked for Riley
The funky bunch
Who is your favorite current player named Mark?
Mark P
Did you know Mookie Betts' real name is Markus?  While I can't begrudge anyone for adopting the nickname "Mookie," I'm disappointed that we Marks missed out on another superstar athlete to share the name.
Paul Goldschmidt
Is STL making the playoffs this year?
Mark P
Never say never in the NL Central.  One or two hot weeks can put a team on top of that division.

Bigger-picture, however, the Cardinals haven't gotten out of first gear all season.  They need some of their struggling veterans (Goldschmidt included) to turn it on in the second half
Do we get David Peralta and Will Smith by the deadline?
Mark P
Well, Peralta is hurt, I'm not sure if he would be a good buy right now.

The Cubs would have to outbid a lot of other teams to land Smith, and I'm not sure if they have the prospect capital to make it happen
Padre Mike
Are the Padres legit this season or simply playing with my heart
Mark P
They're an okay team that potentially has a wild card shot because of a lot of parity in the National League.
They're another team that seems to require a pitching addition, though this has been the case for months without the front office pulling the lever on anything major
Mets optimist
I’m all for Mets trading anyone that doesnt sound like Alonso or McNeil. Do you trust Brodie to be able to make good deals considering this past offseason?
Mark P
This assumes that the Wilpon family will sign off on a rebuild, which I doubt.

As to whether BVW is the general manager to be overseeing such a process....I mean, the track record hasn't been good, let's be honest.  But he went into this year trying to make big swings, so perhaps things could be different if he was overseeing a rebuild.
How is it that Fernando Tatis is not an all-star?
Mark P
He did miss over a month on the IL, which was enough of a reason to leave him off a team given how many other good players were vying for spots
Given what we've seen so far from Tatis, however, this might be the last ASG he misses for the next decade
Who’s traded first - Cashner or Mancini?
Mark P
Cashner would be my pick.  Mancini has enough team control remaining that the O's aren't really in a big rush to move him
Biggest reason for Betts' babip and subsequent average drop?
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