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Mark P
Saturday? More like CHATerday!

I'll pause for a moment while you all stop laughing from that incredible pun, and then we'll start the chat
Where do the Pads find some much needed outfield starpower?
Mark P
Castellanos, Puig, Markakis, Avisail Garcia are some of the more interesting free agent names.  Though signing any would probably require San Diego to first trade at least one of their current outfielders.  

Conversely, Padres could try to package an OF and some prospects together in a larger deal for a proven outfielder with "starpower"
Ian Happ
Do I have value again?  (I have 2 homers and a single tonight)
Mark P
This late-season hot streak will make Happ's overall numbers look pretty decent for 2019, though a lot of teams (including the Cubs) don't put extra stock in late-September numbers against a lot of subpar pitching
Happ would still be a sell-low if the Cubs did trade him in the offseason, but another rough year would ruin his value entirely.  Hard to predict what will happen in what could be a very busy offseason at Wrigley.
Your Name
Who do you predict will be managing the Mets in 2020?
Mark P
Not Mickey Callaway, that's my only pick at this point
Cardinals trade Matt Carpenter over the winter and sign Rendon. Odds of this happening?
Mark P
Verrrrry slim.  I can't see who would want to take Carpenter's contract after his rough season.  The Cards have been willing to spend money in the past, but not in the upper levels of free agency where Rendon will reside
There’s a new rookie home run king!
Mark P
What a season for Alonso, and what a nice silver lining amidst a tumultuous year for Mets fans
How about mookie to the padres?  They inexpensive prospects and Boston wants to spend less
Mark P
Betts is only under contract through the 2020 season, and by all accounts if firmly set on free agency.  Since it seems like the Padres are more than just a player away for contending next year, I'm not sure if they'll want to make a big all-in move for Betts.

This isn't to say that San Diego wouldn't move some prospects for a proven star, but last winter, they were targeting star players with multiple years of control.
Tommy Wiseau
Oh hi, Mark
Mark P
*tosses football*
Does the MLB dial it back on the baseballs next year?
Mark P
I feel like some adjustment will have to be made, since the homer-happy ball became far too much of a story this year.
Pink slips
So who gets canned: Kapler, Maddon, Callaway, Hurdle, Ausmus?
Mark P
Of that quintet, I predict Kapler, Maddon, and Callaway will all be gone.  

Hurdle is maybe 50-50, though on paper he seems like an obvious candidate to go:
Ausmus I'm not sure.  I find it hard to fault him specifically for the Angels' problems this year, though it could be a case that Arte Moreno will only make a change for Maddon specifically.  My guess is that Ausmus is still in the Halos' dugout come Opening Day
The King
Without my contract, the Mariners have almost no money on the books. How different will this roster look, with Trader Jerry at the helm.
Mark P
It's almost too hard to make such a projection given how Dipoto is so open to trades, but I think we can count on Narvaez, Crawford, Seager, and (probably) Haniger all in the 2020 Opening Day lineup.  Shed Long and Kyle Lewis are also strong candidates.

It wouldn't shock me if anyone else is dealt.  M's would have to eat money to move Gordon but they've been willing to do that on other deals.
Bill Veeck
Let us know when you figure out there are two Chicago MLB teams
Mark P
Sorry, forgot about the Chicago Whales
Time for the Astros to cut bait with Correa? Back injuries really don't just go away
Mark P
Too soon to cut bait entirely, though in terms of which players might get long-term extensions, Correa isn't helping his case.  (Though he has said in the past that he'd prefer to go to free agency over signing an extension.)
Wil Myers for Justin Upton?
Mark P
I don't see the Angels having much or any interest in that
Do the Dodgers address the closer situation in the off-season?
Mark P
They'll get some bullpen help like they almost always do, though I'm not sure if they're quite yet ready to explore actually moving Jansen out of the role
Can Dreams Come True?
Long shot but, I feel the Giants will be in on George Springer this winter, you think they could engage in trade talk for Mookie as well? That sounds like a dangerous outfield to me
Mark P
Like the Padres, the Giants aren't really a team that strikes me as being in go-for-it mode in 2020.  Plus, they also lack San Diego's prospect depth, so they might not have enough to land Betts anyway.

As for Springer, I see no reason why Houston would deal him.  If anything, I see him being the next Astro to get an extension.
Ghost of Christmas Past
How many of your readers actually know who Tommy Wiseau is....? I smell a poll...!
Mark P
Do you know who Tommy Wiseau is?

Yes (26.9% | 68 votes)
I do nooooooooot (73.1% | 185 votes)

Total Votes: 253
What will the Chisox do this offseason?
Mark P
My guess is the rotation will be their primary focus.  Rick Hahn addressed the offseason the other day, and said that CF/2B are being more or less saved for Robert and Madrigal when they're promoted, so don't expect any major additions to those positions
Most disappointing position player this year...Hoskins, Phillies has to be in the convo. He has pretty much been awful
Mark P
Counting his numbers today, Hoskins has a 113 wRC+, and has hit .226/.364/.456 with 29 homers.

It's a step backwards at the plate, to be sure, but overall there have been a lot bigger disappointments around the game than someone with a 113 wRC+
Doesn’t Toronto have deep pockets? Would taking on Will Myers be enough to land some much needed pitching prospects from San Diego?
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