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MLBTR Chat With Mark Polishuk
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Mark P
Hi everyone, welcome to the chat!  I feel confident in taking on the NFL for eyeballs on a Sunday afternoon.
What kind of moves do you expect Rick Hahn to make this offseason to push the team towards contention?
Mark P
Pitching seems like the clearest need, or at least the one that Hahn himself mentioned directly in a postseason chat with reporters
Robert and Madrigal will be up at some point next season, so that theoretically addresses some of Chicago's position player needs.  They could use another OF and a DH, though those positions could be handled later in the offseason (at lower prices)
Starting pitching, however, should be dealt with as soon as possible.  ChiSox could use at least one more top-of-the-rotation type to go with Giolito
Mike Rizzo
If I want to keep Anthony Rendon a National, what do you think it will cost me?
Mark P
Somewhere in the area of $185-$200MM
Daniel G
Odds the Twins pull off the series win?
Mark P
At the risk of a Jim Carrey "so you're saying there's a chance...." GIF, about one in a million
The Yankees' complete ownership of the Twins for all these years is one of the strangest stories in all of sports
Do you see Mike Hazen making a move to trade Robbie Ray this off-season?
Mark P
He'll at least listen to offers, and Hazen (the D'Backs GM, by the way) has certainly shown he's willing to move veteran talent.

But in some respects, I think we've probably seen a lot of the heavy lifting completed, vis a vis the Arizona payroll.  Ray made just over $6MM this year, that'll get bumped up to roughly $9-$10MM in arbitration this winter.....that's a pretty reasonable price for a solid starter.  With Greinke off the books, the D'Backs are no longer having to scramble to save dollars elsewhere
What moves do the Dodgers make if they don't win the World Series?
Mark P
There'd be a temptation to basically just run it back and have another relatively quiet offseason.  This roster is obviously outstanding, and with a bit of luck, the Dodgers would've won a Series already.
With another WS loss (or a loss in the NL playoffs), however, I think there might be a bit more incentive for a bolder move.  Dodgers have been mentioned as a speculative fit for Rendon, with Turner moving into a first base role.  As much as the Dodgers love their depth, it might help to consolidate in a couple of positions and trade at least one of the super-util or part-time guys (Taylor, Hernandez, Joc, etc.)
Hershel Krustofsky
Jake Lamb vs Kole Calhoun. Who's worth more on the open market?
Mark P
Calhoun, no question.  Lamb is a solid non-tender candidate in my view, despite what Mike Hazen said back in August:
I know it's premature, but do you think the Yankees target a SP through trade in the offseason ? Clint Frazier has got to go somewhere right?
Mark P
You'd think Frazier would have been dealt at the deadline, but the Yankees are a) firm about not dealing guys unless they can get what they feel is an acceptable return, and b) genuine in their belief that Frazier can be a productive MLB player
After all the injuries they had this year, I wouldn't be shocked if Frazier is kept as depth or as a possible breakout guy.  NYY can still consider trading him at next year's deadline if need be
Do you think Middleton is making the right choice by keeping Klentak • Kapler • Mcphail ?
Mark P
Jury's still out on whether Kapler is staying, but beyond him, it's perhaps a bit too early for a major front office overhaul.  The Phils were hit with a deluge of pitching injuries, after all.
Bleacher Bum
Did Stephen Strasburgh punch his ticket to Opting Out? That was a masterful performance, something the Padres know and could desperately use to be their ace. Chances he gets upward of the 4/100 is a slam dunk.
Mark P
I'm not sure it's a total slam dunk.  Today's analytically-minded front offices are generally not going to be swayed by a strong postseason performance (though Strasburg's overall postseason record is incredible).
I could maybe see a situation where the Nats and Strasburg agree to add one more year onto his contract in exchange for not opting out
Not the real Billy Eppler
Is there value in picking up Kole Calhoun's option and attempting a trade, or should I just cut ties now?
Mark P
Two Kole Calhoun questions in one chat, a new record!  What a time to be alive!

Calhoun is a decent player, but I can see the Angels letting him walk and going with Goodwin/Adell as their right field plan for 2020
Concerned sox fan
In your opinion whats best case trade if we stupidly trade mookie. Team and names please...
Mark P
Hard to specifically predict a team, but in general, a "best case" scenario is obviously one where a desperate team gives the Sox a big haul of inexpensive, controllable young players who immediately help Boston in 2020
Why are front offices let off the hook so often? Managers are scapegoated and cycled through. Front offices put managers in tough spots and when they fail get thrown under the bus it seems.
Mark P
There's so much that goes into roster-building that almost every GM nowadays gets a significant amount of time to operate.  I don't disagree that some managers are unfairly fired after being given little or nothing to work with, though (rightly or wrongly) it's easier to replace a manager than it is to replace a GM, which usually means overhauling an entire front office
Twins Fan
Byron Buxton for pitching? He's injured too much to be valuable to Minnesota. The Twins could get good prospects for him.
Mark P
Buxton's trade value isn't nearly as high as it once was after another injury-riddled year, so the Twins could very well find themselves selling low, and then watching in dismay as a healthy Buxton puts up All-Star numbers elsewhere

A Buxton trade doesn't strike me as totally out of the question, but it's awfully unlikely
Rangers fan
Chances that the Rangers sign Gerrit Cole to open their new stadium.  Josh Jung. Their 1st round pick will man 3rd in 2021, so we don't need Anthony Rendon.  My guess is Rick Porcello.  Your thoughts?
Mark P
Every team in baseball needs Anthony Rendon, let's be real.  Jung is a good prospect and all, but Texas would move him to second base in a heartbeat if Rendon was acquired.
Porcello is a good guess for the type of pitching the Rangers will primarily look at in the offseason.  I'd be surprised to see them shop at the very top of the market for guys like Cole.
Nice story speculating on a fit for Mookie. Disclaimer: I’m a Braves fan, and I could see the match. AA has shown he’s willing to spend a lot on one-year bridge players. And it’s far from certain both Pache and Waters would be ready next season. (The Sox May insist on one or the other in a deal, I know.) but if JD goes elsewhere, Riley slots into 3B and the Braves package non-Anderson pitchers plus a position player (Jackson?) to start the conversation.
Mark P
The thing about the Braves is, a "bridge player" like Donaldson only cost them money.  Adding Betts would cost a big salary and quite a significant prospect haul, all for a guy who would most likely leave after 2020 since Atlanta doesn't seem likely to splurge on the mega-contract Betts would get in free agency.
Phillies get JTR extension before the season starts?
Mark P
They're certainly going to push for one, and Realmuto has said he's open to talks.  Certainly seems like a decent chance they agree to an extension to keep Realmuto in Philly long-term
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