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MLBTR Chat With Mark Polishuk
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Mark P
Welcome to another Sunday chat!  Lots of discuss from today's big signing and big trade, so let's dive right in
Will the angels get a pitcher
Mark P
They have to make some kind of further upgrade beyond Bundy, so I'd imagine they'll have to be in on Ryu, Keuchel, Miley, or any other notable FA arm still on the board.  Plus, there's trades to explore.
Irate Nate
When are the reds going to act? Post holiday shopping this year?
Mark P
To be fair, adding Moose was a pretty big move.  And you can argue that acquiring Bauer last season was also a good precursor transaction.

The good news for Cincy fans is that the Reds' biggest need was position players, so the run on pitchers isn't a huge hit for the team.  I'd expect them to be actively looking at all sorts of outfield help
Hey Mark, do you think a trade of Bryant or Arenado is a real possibility for the Rangers? Where will Castellanos sign?
Mark P
In fact, I had Castellanos going to Texas in my free agent contest ballot.  I figured he'd be a good RHH counterpoint to the lefty-heavy Rangers lineup, and that Texas would move at least one of the lefty swingers (i.e. Mazara) from their roster.
As for Bryant or Arenado....can't be ruled out, though I don't know if the Rangers would be able or willing to meet the sky-high asking prices
AZ Ranger
KLUBER! What a trade...are you as excited as I am?
Mark P
I like the deal a lot for Texas.  Class has a ton of potential but relievers are hit-or-miss, and DeShields doesn't look like he'll ever hit enough to be more than a speed/defense outfielder.

Even if the worst happens and Kluber has a rough 2020 season, the Rangers can still decline his option and walk away after the year.
NOT Mickey Koke
What would it take for the #Padres to land Clevinger? Patino plus?
Mark P
I'd think so, yeah.  Clevinger has three arb years of control left, and has looked like an ace when healthy.  Tribe will be asking for a ton for him's Santa
An early projection of the NL East 2020 please.
Mark P
I'm pretty sure Miami still finishes in last.  Right now, I'd still put the Braves in first.  Aside from that, your guess is as good as mine.
The Indians return for Kluber makes no sense... there’s no way other teams weren’t willing to beat that package
Mark P
They apparently really liked Clase.  And, it could be that teams were more wary about Kluber than we've been led to believe.
Ian T
What’s next in terms of moves for the dodgers with bum signed and kluber gone now for pitching ? I don’t see offense as such a big need as the fans do as bad as we need high caliber pitching that is playoff ready
Mark P
I'd have to guess they'll look to bring back Ryu, unless they know something we don't about his health (or some other team really goes wild in outbidding for him).
Beyond that, the Dodgers have the prospects to get a conversation started about almost any trade-available pitcher, though LA has been wary about dealing such youngsters.
Can the Padres move Wil Myers? They’ve seemingly been trying for a year and a half with little success.
Mark P
If we've learned anything over the years, there's almost no such thing as a completely untradeable player.  San Diego might have to attach a couple of good prospects to do so, but Myers could be moved somehow
Pujols to the Giants and Jo Adell to the Giants—what do you say?
Mark P
First of all, Pujols has a no-trade clause and would veto that.  Secondly, taking on one year of Cozart is a lot different than taking on two years and $59MM of Pujols' contract.
Thirdly, I doubt Anaheim is trading Adell for anything, and certainly not for salary relief
Andy Melius
What are the TWINS waiting for?! One can't be too surprised with their history but I thought that just maybe the Falvey/Lavigne
Mark P
Just to be clear, it's "Levine," not "Lavigne."  But I'm sure the Twins are looking at other teams making pitching additions and asking "why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?!"
On a slightly more serious note, they did get Odorizzi and Pineda back.  But they're lacking that one ace type that would really serve as a big upgrade to the rotation.  Maybe they'll be the ones who make the move for Ryu or Keuchel, who knows
Will Antoinetti and co. Make any more significant moves this off-season?
Mark P
Indians need a second baseman for sure, that'll be happening at some point.  (Or maybe a 3B, though last reports suggested they preferred Ramirez at third base.)
It's just a question of how significant that 2B addition will be.  Lots of interesting names on the market that wouldn't cost a ton, which is right up Cleveland's alley
Odds the giants trade Longoria
Mark P
He had a good 2019, but his age and big salary are probably sticking points for a lot of teams.  Still, Longoria could be an interesting "bad contract swap" type of candidate with a team who needs a 3B
Mark Sosa
I know the Red Sox are cash strapped by the luxury tax. What do you see them realistically doing to get under $208 million?
Mark P
Dealing Price looks like more and more of a possibility, but another team isn't going to take all of Price's deal (which would by itself get Boston under $208MM) unless the Sox add some kind of prospect sweetener or another young talent in the trade.
Will the Indians spend the Kluber money or are they cost cutting?
Mark P
I'd like to think they'd spend at least some of it on their 2B or OF needs.  This is a team that came quite close to a playoff berth, don't forget, and is still positioned to be a contender in 2020
Madbum signing with Arizona would seemingy increase the likelihood of a trade for a corner outfielder. Would Duplantier and their comp A pick be enough to get Haniger from the Mariners?
Mark P
That particular offer would get Seattle's attention, though I'm not sure if would get a deal done altogether.   The comp pick is a nice extra bonus for the D'Backs --- don't forget they had seemingly a hundred picks last year, and thus might feel more comfortable in trading their comp pick this winter
Best buy low pitcher on the market? Miley, Teheran, Walker...?
Mark P
I like Walker quite a bit, he stands out as a major buy-low type
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