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Mark P
The weekend chat is underway, let's dive into your questions...
Cleveland fan
How much trade value does Gimenez have across the league?
Mark P
Some, given his youth and years of control.  His rough start at the plate isn't doing much for his trade value, obviously, but if the Tribe did decide to pivot and shop Gimenez, he'd get interest.

That said, Cleveland probably wants more than 28 games to evaluate what they have in a player who's still pretty inexperienced at the MLB level
Dbacks fan
Who’s more likely to be dealt at the deadline by the Arizona Diamondbacks?
Mark P
All of the impending free agents (Escobar, Calhoun, Asdrubal, Devenski, Vogt, etc.) are logical trade candidates if the D'Backs are sellers.  Of course, some of those guys are hurt right now, which complicates matters significantly.

Depending on whether the D'Backs are just looking to unload rental players or if they feel a bigger reset is needed, I could see David Peralta or Nick Ahmed being shopped.  Probably not Marte, since the D'Backs would likely wait until the offseason if they wanted to move him, in order to have more of a market for his services
Kyle Seager
Will I be playing for a different team next season or possibly this season?
Mark P
The "poison pill" element of Seager's contract complicates a trade, though some kind of swap is possible if the Mariners took on another contract that offset the new 2022 money that a trade would unlock for Seager. I do suspect that Seager will ultimately be in a new uniform in 2022.
Ricky Hahn
With the White Sox being linked to Ozuna, Joc, and Eaton in the off-season, looking at it today, did we make the right choice signing Eaton?
Mark P
(Hahn = White Sox GM)

Being in first place tends to make a lot of decisions look better in hindsight.  I don't think Ozuna will keep struggling like this all year, though if I'm a Chicago fan, I'm suddenly not worrying about missing out on that signing.
This isn't to say that Eaton was the best possible move, of course, since we don't know what other notable OF acquisitions were considered or possible for the Sox
Defeated Twins Fan
Feeling so hopeless as a Twins fan. It will be just unbelievable if the peak of the latest wave (last 5ish years) of Twins players was once again just a first round sweep in the playoffs.  And now with how this season has started, it’s just awful. What do we do from here?
Mark P
At the risk of giving a cliched answer, it's still only the middle of May.  Whole lot of baseball still to be played, but in doesn't look good in Minneapolis right now.

Should the season prove to be a writeoff, I wouldn't count out a quick rebound in 2022.  The Twins have already bounced back from other down years (2016, 2018) just in recent memory alone.
In your opinion, are analytics overused or over relied upon?
Mark P
Not really.  It's never a bad idea to go into a game (or season, or playoff series) with more information and preparation rather than less.  In general, analytics has been a big help to teams that properly embrace the extra info.
The Astros lose Springer and are still scoring a ton of runs. Anything out there to suggest they are still cheating?
Mark P
You know, it's quite possible that the Astros just have a lot of really good hitters on their team.  Call me crazy.
What do you think is contributing to all the injuries especially for pitchers?  Bad mechanics? Shortened season last year?
Mark P
Shortened season is probably the bigger culprit, or potentially trying to over-correct to the shortened season. If teams and pitchers are trying to reinvent the wheel to compensate for the innings bump, the difference in routine might be a reason for some of these injuries.
David in Philly
Segura and Girardi going to make it through the season together?
Mark P
If the Phillies as a whole keep playing defense like they did this weekend against Toronto, I'm surprised Girardi wouldn't lose it more often.
Two Crazy Eyes
What would it take from the Dodgers to acquire Scherzer? Would Ruiz and Gray do it?
Mark P
I'm guessing that would do it, but if I'm the Dodgers, am I really giving up two top-50 caliber prospects for two months (and a postseason) of Scherzer?  L.A. would only give up Ruiz/Gray in the same trade package if it was for a star player with several years of control.
Tommy Pham to Big 5 Sporting Goods for a few whatevers...Who says no?
Mark P
Seeing as how Pham seems to be tearing it up against the Cards, maybe he just needs a trade to an NL Central team.
What do you think of the Chicago white Sox’s chances of making the playoffs
Mark P
Looking pretty solid right now.  Cleveland might already be their only real challenger in the Central.
Billy Beane
does Nelson Cruz make sense for this team?
Mark P
Cruz makes sense for most AL teams, Oakland in particular.  If the Twins decided to sell, I could see the A's, White Sox, or Indians as the best fits for Cruz.  Blue Jays, Rays, or maybe the Rangers or Mariners might also work.
Mike Chernoff
Do you think I should trade for a big-league bat or do you think our pitching can carry us to the playoffs?
Mark P
(Chernoff = Cleveland GM)

Why stop at one good hitter when I think at least two are necessary?  Not to say that Cleveland's pitching alone isn't good enough to make them borderline contenders, but there's just so much room for improvement in that lineup.
Swen Valdez
When do the Phillies give up on Scott Kingery?
Mark P
"Give up" is a strong term, since he's still only 27, and he's still under contractual control for so many years.

But I really wonder what might have happened if the Phillies had just stuck with Kingery at a single position, rather than trying to turn him into a Zobrist-esque superutil guy so early in his career.
Does his signing and roster spot occupancy limit the Dodgers at trade deadline? Just wondering if that was a trade off consideration.
Mark P
The Dodgers will probably worry about that issue closer to July 30.  I don't think they'd unceremoniously just cut Pujols like the Angels did, if Pujols continues to struggle and the Dodgers did feel his roster spot could be better used on another player.
Jedd Gyorko
If you could revise your preseason predictions right now, which team would you drop from the playoff picture?
Mark P
I thought Minnesota was a pretty easy call in the AL Central.  Sorry to all Twins fans for the jinx.
slow slider
Is the extra inning base runner rule here to stay as is or will it be started in a later inning such as the 12th or so instead of the 10th.
Mark P
I would definitely prefer to see the rule adjusted in some way.  Maybe play the 10th under normal rules, then a runner on first base in the 11th, then a runner on second in the 12th and any other innings.
John Means
Does the way my team has been mindful of my 2021 workload mean I’ll be Baltimore’s ace in the future or are they just keeping me healthy to be a prime trade chip?
Mark P
I'd say it's probably more just general maintenance, since Means missed a good chunk on time last season on the IL
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