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Mark P
Time for some questions as we wrap up the weekend....
Depressed Cleveland Fan
With Naylor out for almost assuredly the rest of the year and the rotation becoming a near dumpster fire of injuries, do the Indians sell at the deadline?
Mark P
Barring a truly protracted Diamondbacks-esque slump, no.  Cleveland is still only a couple of games out of the AL Central lead, since the White Sox are also starting to really suffer from all of their injuries.  

This doesn't mean the Tribe wouldn't try to both buy and sell at the deadline, though both would be in somewhat modest fashion.  (as in, no Jose Ramirez deal or anything.)
John Taylor
What return can royals get for whit Merrifield
Mark P
I'm sure they could command quite a bit, except the Royals have made it clear time and again that they're not interest in moving Merrifield.  That will be especially true now that the team sees itself on the verge of contending, maybe as early as 2022.  (Or heck, maybe this year if the AL Central remains this weak and the Royals can get back on track.)
Any chance the Reds swing a deal for a couple of firemen?
Mark P
I would imagine the bullpen is at the top of the Reds' wishlist, and fortunately for them, there's no shortage of teams looking to unload relievers.
The key word here being "couple," since Cincy's bullpen has been pretty rough overall.
Rawlings oven mitt
Who do the Cubs trade of the big three, Baez, Bryant and or Ruzzo?
Mark P
None of the above?  The Cubs are in a playoff race, so I'd guess they're aiming to just keep everyone for one last ride.
Jays have an outstanding lineup and surprisingly reliable starting rotation.  Can they remake this bullpen in time to become a title contender?
Mark P
Speaking of teams who could use two (or three) new relievers.....
Pumpsie Green
The Mariners are playing great! Any moves they can or should make this year to catch the Athletics or wild card, or do you think they take their time and focus on next year?
Mark P
I'd made the case before that the Mariners might be a team that could go a little overboard with moves if they have a distinct shot at the playoffs, just to break their postseason streak.  But overall, I think Seattle isn't going to go all-in on a team that has (as per Fangraphs) only a 1.8% chance at reaching the postseason.

Still, there are some very positive signs to be taken from this year for the M's, and a winning record would be a very nice step.
Jose Berrios for Nate Pearson? Who says no?
Mark P
Ha, someone has clearly been reading Jim Bowden's trade proposals column on The Athletic (or you're the person who sent in that proposal!)

I've got to say, as a Jays fan, that would really intrigue me.  Minnesota would want more than just Pearson, however, since Pearson's stock has surely been hurt by all of the injuries.
with the direction the team is heading, do I see us selling a few pieces and holding off for next year
Mark P
This is starting to look like a very realistic possibility.  The Cardinals have been a big disappointment thus far, and for a front office that usually doesn't make big splashy deadline moves anyway, I don't see them taking a major swing at upgrading what might ultimately be a .500 team at best.
With Posey having found the fountain of youth, could you see the Giants putting a package together for a front of the line starter, with control, starting with Bart or Patrick Bailey
Mark P
Keep in mind that this is Posey's last guaranteed year under contract, so the Giants might not want to just lose all their catching depth right away.  However, having both Bart and Bailey as trade chips is intriguing, and it at least gives them options heading into July 30.

Though why would the Giants trade for a frontline starter when they can seemingly just acquire any random old hurler and revive him into an ace??
(only half-joking with that)
Do u get excited about MLB draft? Read mocks?
Mark P
Sure!  That's the fun of the draft, all of the unknowns and the potential that can make or break a team.
And, cheap plug alert, for some reading on draft speculation....
What would the Angels have to give up to get Sonny Gray or Ryu
Mark P
The Reds and Jays would each have to significantly go south in the next month for either pitcher to be available
Mike B
Will the Yankees make or miss the playoffs?
Mark P
Will the Yankees make the playoffs?

Yes (26% | 241 votes)
No (74% | 687 votes)

Total Votes: 928
Best concert you ever saw was...
Mark P
Bruce Springsteen at the Rogers Centre in 2012.
will detroit trade scoop
Mark P
Schoop is outperforming his Statcast numbers, which will some teams pause and will probably limit the return in a trade.  But overall, yeah, I suspect he's one of the likelier candidates to be on a new team by August 1
Do you think Franco goes back to the minors at any point this year, as Kelenic did? And will people stop assuming if a prospect doesn't immediately become amazing with no hiccups they have failed? :)
Mark P
I don't think the Rays would hesitate to send Franco back down in the event of a protracted slump.  And as for your second question, gauging by the many Jo Adell trade proposals in this chat queue alone, no!
Assuming a reasonably healthy end of season return, should I expect an extension, a QO, or an offer for a pillow contract?
Mark P
A QO and a "pillow contract" might essentially be the same thing in this scenario, and I could see Syndergaard opting for the QO just to lock in at least one big payday.  Don't forget, baseball might be facing a lot of labor issues this winter, so Syndergaard might prefer to avoid all of those problems altogether and just stick with a one-year deal for $18MM or so.

If you're the Mets, issuing Thor a QO also makes some sense if he does come back and look healthy and effective in the rest of 2021.  It gives the team some security in the rotation if Stroman leaves
Do you think Scherzer would really reject a trade to a playoff bound team (assuming Nats are out of the hunt) because he wants an extension?
Mark P
For background:

If push came to shove about a Scherzer trade, I wonder how hard he or Boras would really push on this, and obviously Boras is going to publicly pitch for the best deal possible for his client.
But overall, I think it'll be a moot point since Scherzer won't be traded anyway
If the Cubs become sellers, what kind of return should they expect for Kimbrel?  For Bryant?  Please don't say "not much" as the Cubs gave up Torres for 2 months of Chapman and Kimbrel's ERA is sub-1.
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