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Mark P
It's time for the Sunday chat!  With less than two weeks before the trade deadline, there is much to discuss...
Dodger Mike
Hey gang. Thanks for doing this. So the Dodgers need Atleast one starter and a couple bullpen pieces. Would you agree with that? If so who do you see them targeting? Kyle Gibson? Maybe Mad Max?? Thanks for your time.
Mark P
I don't really think Scherzer will be dealt, even if the Nationals eventually do end up selling.  But besides him, L.A. has probably checked in on just about every available arm, Gibson included.

Given the division rivalry, I'd probably bet against Jon Gray landing in L.A.  But you could tell me the Dodgers might land just about any other starter on the market and I'd believe it, given their history of making big swaps and their clear need for rotation help
Thoughts on the likelihood for the San Francisco Giants to acquire Madison Bumgarner?
Mark P
Somewhere between very low and zero.  Beyond the sentimental value of Bumgarner back in SF, he hasn't pitched well or really been very healthy in two years.  Also, no way the Giants absorb all that remaining salary.
The North
Jays gotta feel like a playoff spot is there. Who is the highest prospect you think they would give up for pitching help?
Mark P
If Kirk still counts as a prospect, I could maybe see the Jays moving him or Moreno due to the overall catching depth within the organization.  Martin, Groshans, Woods Richardson aren't going anywhere.
Are the Reds still buyers? 7 games isn’t insurmountable, but the bullpen has to improve for any chance to catch the Brewers.
Mark P
Getting swept by the Brewers really hurts.  Cincy is now closer to the wild card than they are to the division lead, but things are still relatively close enough that I'd give them at least another week of games before making a call
I don't really see them going full fire sale if they did decide to sell, but they could try the always-tricky
Oops, hit the send button too quickly.  That is to say, the Reds could try the always-tricky "buy AND sell" tactic.
I know the rumors are there about Frazier to the White Sox,  but how about someone cheaper, younger, and more versatile like Ian Happ?
Mark P
Happ is having a very poor season, so that's one issue.  The Cubs probably aren't keen to sell low on him either.

Tonight's queue has already seen quite a few proposed White Sox/Cubs deals, which isn't a surprise since one is a clear buyer and the other is a clear seller, and they do match up pretty well as trade partners on paper.  But it bears repeating, these two teams rarely make trades with each other.
Franchise with That
The Oakland A’s continue to say they aren’t going to panic. Aren’t they 2-3 weeks past where they should have started to panic? The season continues to slip away and their front office is doing nothing.
Mark P
The A's are still in possession of a wild card spot, and only a couple games back of Houston since the Astros have also not been playing great in recent days.  The A's do need some deadline help, but it's hardly panic time.
What do you expect to happen with the A’s Stadium Situation? Do they end up in Vegas?
Mark P
....ok, well, maybe panic time if you're an Oakland fan upset about seeing your team leave town.

Just my opinion, but I suspect they'll move.  The Vegas thing could just be a negotiating tactic (to play off the Raiders' recent move) but it seems like the A's want an arm and a leg from the city, and the city doesn't appear to be caving.
With deGrom going down yet again with the dredded “forearm tightness,” and the rest of the division drowning, it makes sense for me to go for it. Either Bryant or Gallo imo. Time to move Pache before his luster disappears and can afford to move say Contreras to the retooling/rebuilding Cubs or Pache and Wilson to the Rangers. Then worry about the bullpen afterwards. (Crazy experiment, convert Kyle Wright to a relief pitcher)
Mark P
At this time last week, I was thinking the Braves would indeed be sellers without Acuna, but they're clearly still aiming to go for it.  This isn't a 2015 Jays situation where Anthopoulos is willing to go for broke in selling prospects, but I can see him being more aggressive than usual in acquiring another big trade chip.
What kind of package do you think it would take for the Twins to deal Berrios in the next 12 days?
Mark P
According to recent reports, the Twins aren't keen on dealing anyone (like Berrios) who is controlled beyond 2021.  Minnesota still plans to contend next year, so they're looking at this deadline as an opportunity for a tuneup, not an overhaul.
Not to say that Berrios wouldn't be moved if a team made a truly amazing offer, but the Twins might require such an outlay to actually deal him
Hi, thanks for doing this.   Any indication how likely mets will be to make a big move or two (impact bat, starting pitcher and/or pen) to seize the opportunity they have this year?
Mark P
Very likely.  They're hanging onto first place in a weak division, and there are some obvious holes (due to injuries and underperformance) on the roster.  I'd be surprised if the Mets didn't make one particularly headline-grabbing move in the next two weeks
would the Rockies take gleyber as part of a package for story he still has control left?
Mark P
Gleyber is controlled through 2024, and I suspect Colorado would happily take him as part of a Story trade.  But that same amount of control is also the same reason why I doubt the Yankees would move Torres.
especially for a rental player
Look at all the “Hey, big market team X needs pitching… who can they get and what will be the prospect cost” kind of questions you are getting tonight. Given that, do you buy that the Rockies really won’t deal Marquez? Seems like the perfect time to get back a huge haul.
Mark P
I have no reason to doubt Bud Black when he says Marquez isn't being traded.  The Rockies truly believe they can get back on track as early as 2022, and the idea of a real rebuild seems abhorrent to ownership.  As my colleague Steve Adams called it, it's kind of a "fatal optimism" for the franchise, since the Rox won't seem like they're anywhere close to being competitive for the next few years.
Deep dish or thin crust pizza?
Mark P
I'm not a big thin crust guy, but I'm definitely not a deep dish fan.  Sorry, Chicago!
Giants fan
Unfortunately I don’t see Dickerson or Tauchman as the answer in the outfield for the playoff run.  Any thoughts if they go in on Kris Bryant or Charlie Blackmon??
Mark P
The same division rival sentiment might apply to the Giants as much as it would for the Dodgers in hypothetical trades with the Rockies.

Bryant makes a lot of sense for SF, however.  Since the Giants also have a lot of payroll space opening up this winter, I wonder if they see the acquisition of a Bryant (or another rental player) as a way of giving this pending free agent a two-month dose of the organization as an early recruiting pitch
Hahn, rick
With the gavin lux injury is LA now in the run for Story?
Mark P
Lux's injury isn't thought to be too serious yet, but we'll know more in a day or two.  Seager is back soon and Taylor can play anywhere, so that helps the Dodgers in their trade search since they aren't obligated to search for only middle infield types
are the phillies buyers now?
Mark P
They should be.  NL East is wide open, and Dave Dombrowski isn't known for sitting on his hands when there's a chance to win.
La Cheeserie
Compared to last year, Nate Pearson’s value is low. Is there still enough hype on him to use him as a basis to fix the rotation? Zac Gallen?
Mark P
The D'Backs are another team that isn't planning a major teardown, since while this season has been a dumpster fire, they think they can reload for 2022.  So I'd be surprised to see Gallen dealt, and it would indeed take a major prospect like Pearson to even get their attention in a trade
Totally unrelated to baseball but do you watch Hockey? If so what team do you root for?
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