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Mark P
It's the final weekend chat of August, so let's make it count!
So ... booing the fans, eh?
Mark P
He wasn't saying boo, he was saying Boo-aez!
Cleveland 4 Life
Who do you see potentially being the Indians future 2B and SS?? Rosario? Arias? Freeman? Rocchio?
Mark P
It's a good sign for Cleveland that they have this many options, so they can potentially mix and match depending on who does or doesn't step up.  We also can't rule out the possibility that one (or more?) of these prospects could be moved in a trade for a more established veteran name, though I'd suspect the Tribe/Guardians will first see what they have
Do you see the jays making a premptive strike and try to extend ray and semien?
Mark P
I can imagine they'll try, though if you're Ray or Semien, you'd need a major offer to keep you off the open market.
Wild Wild World
Who gets the 2nd NL Wild Card spot?
Mark P
Who will be the 2nd NL wild card team?

Reds (58.2% | 583 votes)
Padres (30.2% | 302 votes)
Cardinals (7.2% | 72 votes)
Phillies (4.4% | 44 votes)

Total Votes: 1,001
Do the Cards get one of the big FA SS this winter?
Mark P
A scenario exists where the Cardinals sign one of the big names, then trade DeJong to a shortstop-needy team that doesn't want to spend the money on one of those big names.
If you could run in the Brewers sausage race, what sausage would you be?
Mark P
You'd think I'd pick "Polish" since it's three-quarters of my name, but in terms of which type I actually like to eat, I'll take a good old-fashioned hot dog.
Is Wisdom part of the future?
Mark P
For a moment I was like "wow, we're getting pretty philosophical here in the chat tonight" before remembering Patrick Wisdom's name.  :)

Wisdom (and Rafael Ortega) have both certainly played well enough to earn jobs next year.  Finding some late-bloomer or hidden gem types is a key element of any successful franchise, so the Cubs might as well take every opportunity to see if these guys are for real.
Tiger Fan
With Hinch pushing all the right buttons, Detroit as been well over .500 for their last 80-90 games.  What do they do this winter to turn up the heat for next year?
Mark P
Both Hinch and owner Chris Ilitch have intimated that the team will be willing to spend in free agency this winter, so it'll be interesting to see how they'll operate if the rebuild is indeed over.

I've written this before, but I wouldn't expect an all-out spending spree from the Tigers.  Maybe one headline-type signing as sort of a "we're here" proclamation, but the biggest splurge might not come until 2022-23 (assuming the team continues to play well next year)
Pending free agent Mark Canha (A's) looks like he did a Marcus Semien by having a terrible walk year. Do you see him getting a 1 year deal or just some heavy incentive contract with option years?
Mark P
Canha still has above-average numbers for the season, it's just that he has been in a brutal slump since the All-Star break.  The fact that Canha turns 33 in February will probably be the bigger hindrance to a major multi-year deal, but I can still see him landing more than one guaranteed year for some significant money (in the $9-$10MM AAV range)
Dave roberts
What will it take to resign Seager
Mark P
He'll want something in the $250MM range, which is why I suspect Trea Turner will be the Opening Day shortstop in L.A. in 2022
Angels Fan
What does an Ohtani extension even look like? There are no comps for a player like him!
Mark P
At least we know the Angels are willing to spend big money, so I would guess they'd certainly up for breaking the bank on an Ohtani extension.

This is really one of the more fascinating extension situations of all time, maybe even THE most.  I think it'll be at least $300MM, all things considered
The Beard
What kind of offer does Syndergaard get this offseason? Which teams might be interested?
Mark P
I would imagine Syndergaard would prefer a one-year deal so he can (theoretically) rebuild his value with a healthy 2022 and then land a big multi-year contract in the 2022-23 offseason.

So, it then becomes a case of which teams are willing to give him that big one-year payday.  If the Mets issued him a qualifying offer, I don't see why Thor wouldn't just take it.....though I think a lot of other clubs might offer him something close to the QO's value anyway
Big steve
What should we expect from keibert ruiz now that he has gotten the call to the bug leagues?
Mark P
Plenty of big swats in the bug leagues!

All kidding aside, Ruiz seems like a very solid prospect.  He might not necessarily tear things up over the last month of the season, but I think the Nats (not the Gnats, the bug league team) have found themselves a quality catcher of the future
Halo Dude
There's been a lot of talk of Trout moving to LF upon his return because Marsh being excellent in CF and younger. Should Trout stay in CF ? Or this a moot point. It's Trout he plays where he wants.
Mark P
"Mark, did you post this question just to provide a link to your Angels defense post from earlier this week?"
By the defensive numbers, Trout will help the team more by moving out of center field and letting Marsh take over.  This does create a logjam with Adell and Upton, true, though between injuries, off-days, and platoons, everyone will get their share of at-bats.  (And really, the Angels shouldn't be prioritizing playing time for Upton anyway over the other three.)
Will a team pay Chris Taylor to play a primary position, or is it more likely that he continues to be utilized in a utility role?
Mark P
Taylor is most valuable as a super-util guy, which I suspect he and his agents realize.  They know they can land a bigger contract by marketing him as a multi-position type, rather than insisting that Taylor only plays a single position.
Hello from Greece!  Who is your World Series pick?
Mark P
Hello!  I've been to Greece before, had a wonderful time!  

My preseason pick was Dodgers/Yankees, so I see no reason to back off that prediction yet
Since Maeda will most likely be out for 2022 now too, does that mean the Twins will probably start/try trading more veterans this offseason?
Mark P
Losing Maeda to TJ surgery would be a big blow, but not quite so critical that the Twins would tear everything down and look to rebuild.  I suspect their move will be to attract veterans on shorter-term deals and see if they can score one or two Giants-esque revivals.
Who do the Rays roll out in a playoff series for starting rotation? McLanahan, Patino, and Yarbs? Or do you see them using more bullpen games since that's their strength?
Mark P
I agree that those three will likely be the nominal "starters," but it could something of an all-hands-on-deck pitching situation for every single game.
City Connect Jerseys
Best City Connect jerseys? Other than the White Sox. Those are clearly the best - zero people disagree.
Mark P
The Marlins, hands down
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