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Mark P
Let's start the Sunday chat a little early, to avoid the football rush later in the day.  It is still baseball season, after all!
Ben Cherrington
What kind of moves do you see me making in the offseason?
Mark P
(Pirates GM Ben Cherington)

Nothing too major, I would expect.  Many of the pricier veterans have already been dealt away, so I would expect the Pirates to mostly focus on adding a couple of low-level veterans to help out the youngsters.  (Those veterans would ideally play well enough to be trade chips at next year's deadline.)
Who could you see being a veteran pitching option that the Royals could chase in free agency?
Mark P
Assuming Danny Duffy's elbow problem doesn't require surgery or anything, a reunion with KC seems like a very viable possibility.
What % chance do you see him in Flushing next season?
Mark P
Around the time of Baez's "thumbs down to the fans" comments, I would've said about zero.  But Baez's bat has really come alive after a slow start following the trade, so fans are very quick to forgive and forget as long as a player is hitting.

The Mets have a very busy offseason ahead of them, and I kind of wonder if the new president of baseball operations might make something of a clean slate and let a lot of current players walk.
If we make it deep into the playoffs should I just call it career
Mark P
For as well as Posey has played this season, I highly doubt he'd hang it up, even with the storybook ending of another Giants championship
If anything, the Giants winning would be more likely to keep Posey hungry to keep playing
Can my injury linger into 2022? Do I move to LF?
Mark P
Trout's injury wasn't expected to keep him out this long, so I guess it can't be ruled out.  But something would have to be really wrong with his calf (beyond just a strain) to sideline him for almost a full year.

In terms of a move to left field, I think it should happen.  Marsh can handle center field, and Trout's glovework hasn't been great the last couple of years.  And, as a certain MLBTR scribe recently wrote, the Angels really need to upgrade their defense any way they can:
Secret Weapon
Do the Cardinals need more offense in 2022? And, does that come from within or do they need to sign some hitters?
Mark P
The Cardinals can pencil Molina, Goldy, Arenado, O'Neill, and Carlson into next year's everyday lineup, with Bader getting at least a part-time role and Edman there in some capacity (whether as an everyday player or super-util guy).  Paul DeJong is also there, though I agree with the idea that he might be a trade chip this winter if the Cards look to add one of the big free agent shortstops.

Or, flipping the scenario around, the Cards could add a second baseman and trade Edman, then make Edmundo Sosa the new utilityman.  The Cardinals will also have Nolan Gorman waiting in the wings, and a DH spot to likely work with, so there is definitely room for them to add another big bat.
Re: Nats
The Nats seem to be scoring more than they did pre-deadline, are in just about every game, but just keep losing. For someone like Soto, who the Nats are trying to retain, is that promising? Or sole-crushing?
Mark P
Soto is controlled through 2024, so it's not like he's already planning to leave town based only on 2021's results.  Naturally, an extension offer in the $400MM range would be enough to make him stay put more or less regardless of how the team is performing, but obviously Soto would want to see the Nats take a step forward in 2022 and beyond before committing to a long-term megadeal.
Old Timer
The A's offseason; what do you see as the most likely approach?  Trade quite a few quality players to restock a bad farm system or make a strategic deal or two to lower payroll and then retweak the team with the goal of being competitive again?  Thanks.
Mark P
Of those options, I see "make a strategic deal or two to lower payroll" as the likeliest route.  Billy Beane has never been one to entirely blow up a roster, and the A's still have so much talent that it's certainly possible to see them back in contention in 2022.

That said, barring a sudden change in ownership's willingness to spend, the A's will definitely have to make some cuts from their big arbitration class. More on that topic:
Should Eric Haase get some consideration for Rookie of the Year?
Mark P
He deserves some votes, sure, but I think Arozarena or Adolis Garcia will take the award.  Wander Franco going on the IL will end his candidacy, but he would've been a fun candidate to debate given his big performance in a lesser amount of playing time
Mad Max has been great...but after last night's domination and if he finishes strong, how can they not give the NL Cy Young to Corbin Burnes.  He may not have pitched as many innings but he's shattered some MLB records that should matter more then IP...thoughts?
Mark P
Both pitchers have a terrific case, but if I had a vote, I would also go with Burnes.  In fWAR, it isn't even closer.....Burnes leads 7.1 to Scherzer's 4.7.  Zack Wheeler is also not far behind Burnes with a 6.5 fWAR.
Who says no?
Walsh, Marsh, Suarez, Adams to the Rockies for Marquez. Would that be enough?
Mark P
As much as the Rockies value Marquez, I think they'd jump at that offer.  I also doubt that the Angels would give up anything close to that much for Marquez.
What could the red Sox realistically expect in a trade for Verdugo?
Mark P
Quite a bit, since he's controlled through 2024 and he already shown that he is a solid-to-very good MLB player.  But with that in mind, why would the Red Sox want to trade a player like that?
Which "strategic" piece has the bigger market between Matt Chapman and Matt Olson?
Mark P
Olson is a year younger, he's been a better hitter, and he is also a very strong defender in his own right.  Therefore, Olson is my pick, even through a third baseman usually has more value than a first base-only guy.
Here is the most MEANINGFUL AND IMPACTFUL QUESTION EVER ON THIS CHAT: Why is nobody questioning the sudden career year of every Giants player all at the same time? This wreaks of another scandal......perfomance-enhancing substance....or sign stealing perhaps??? Don't tell me they all just "figured it out" when most of them are veterans with proven track records. I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but let's be real here.
Mark P
In fairness, I'm sure some Giants fans once asked "we're supposed to believe Max Muncy, Justin Turner, Chris Taylor, etc. all magically became stars as soon as they got to Los Angeles?  What is this, SORCERY?!"

But maybe the easier answer is just that the Giants coaching staff knows what they're doing.  And as noted, veteran guys like Posey, Belt, Crawford, etc. all have proven track records.  It isn't necessarily a surprise that they'd improve when healthy or (in Crawford's case) after a swing overhaul.

Also, the most meaningful and impactful question ever asked in this chat was the one about my favourite hot dog toppings.
Big John
Do the Mariners open up the wallet this offseason?
Mark P
They have every reason to, given how they already have a competitive team and there's a ton of available payroll space.
M. Carpenter fan
Do you think the cardinals will trade Matt Carpenter? If yes then why?
Mark P
Carpenter is only controlled via club option for 2022, so the Cards can just decline that option if they want to part ways with Carpenter.
And, given how Carpenter's production has fallen off, that option will certainly be declined
Jim from Chicago
Okay. Can you save us all from searching old chats and just tell us your favorite hot dog toppings. Don’t bother if one of them is ketchup.
Mark P
Mustard and ketc....uh, um, er, never mind
With the NL gett9ng the DH next year is there a chance of divisional realignment?
Mark P
I would be very interested in what realignment might look like, though I suspect MLB might wait on that front until down the road, if/when two more expansion teams are added.
Uncle Charlie
Could Wainwright get a similar deal to Charlie Morton with his performance this year?
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