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Mark P
The first weekend chat of the postseason!  I still say that "Four Playoff Games Day" should be a national holiday.  Until Congress addresses my petition, let's take some questions....
Bigger loss- Muncy or Devin Williams
Mark P
I would say Muncy just because even in a short postseason series, a very good position player is more important than a valuable reliever.
Who are the realistic potential fits to manage the Mets and Padres?
Mark P
The Mets' pick is totally up in the air, since it'll very likely depend on what the next president of baseball operations.

For the Padres, Ron Washington is the most obvious call, since he almost got the job last time around.  Washington also might be seen as a safer pick for Preller, who reached in hiring first-time managers in Tingler and Green, and neither worked out.
Jerry Dipoto
Kyle Lewis, Evan White, Justus Sheffield, and Jake Fraley for Jose Ramirez. Does this offer tempt Cleveland?
Mark P
Cleveland would get able to get a lot more from another team, or be in position to ask for more from Seattle.
Ozzie Albies
Do I have the best "team" contract in baseball?
Mark P
Even a couple of years after the fact, Albies' contract is still an incredible bargain for the Braves.  Maybe the only contender is his teammate Acuna.
Think the marlins trade a young starter for a catcher or centerfielder? Sixto for Kyle Lewis seems like a fun injury for injury trade
Mark P
I would just about bet the farm on a pitcher-for-hitter trade for Miami this winter (all I need now is a farm to wager).  That trade would indeed be interesting, and I wonder if the Marlins might not stop at just one deal.

Something like Sixto-for-Lewis in a risky move, and then swap another young arm for perhaps more of a proven commodity of a bat
I think the Mets should hire Jeff Luhnow as GM, no longer suspended and he took the bullet for that Astros team.. the guy knows talent and deserves a 2nd chance
Mark P
After all the controversy surrounding the Mets for the last....well, seemingly forever, you want them to throw gas on the fire and hire Jeff Luhnow?!
very frustrating with 6 losing season. Could I be traded with my contract?
Mark P
If Trout demanded a trade, there would be multiple teams that would happily take on his contract.
What would a Jack Flaherty extension look like and does he take figuring how the past 2 years both parties haven’t had the best of dialogue with money.
Mark P
Disagreements in arbitration don't always necessarily mean a player and team are destined to part ways, but I have my doubts Flaherty sticks in St. Louis over the long term.
Is Houston still the best team in the AL West in 2022?
Mark P
Potentially losing Correa and Greinke won't help, but the team seems likely to replace them with some kind of acceptable replacement.  The M's seem to be getting better, the Angels can probably (?) be better with a healthy Trout/Rendon and with some new pitching, the A's might take a step back depending on their arbitration losses, and the Rangers are still at least a year or two away
So on paper, before the offseason begins, I like Houston's chances in 2022
Angels need pitching
Stassi, Adams, Aaron Hernandez to the Rockies for Marquez. Who says no?
Mark P
Colorado says no, and doesn't have to think long about it.  The Rockies don't plan to move Marquez anyway, and if they did, they could certainly ask for much more than that package
Who would get more money if they signed a long-term extension: Soto or Ohtani?
Mark P
Soto, he's over four years younger
A cat
Does the unexpected success of the Red Sox this season encourage ownership to splurge a little in ‘22? Perhaps Semien as a FT 2B, or even Story, and someone of the Scherzer/Stroman ilk to replace ERod? It would be JDM or Schwarber at DH, with most of the team returning.
Mark P
I've written this before, but there is really no reason the Sox shouldn't be willing to exceed the luxury tax threshold next year.  Firstly, we don't know what the tax rules will be in the new CBA, so the penalties might be even less than they currently are.  

Secondly, you're correct in saying that this Red Sox team might not need that much to get over the top as a championship team.  (Heck, they still have a shot at this year's Series, as presently constructed.)
Eduardo Rodriguez
What does my free agency look like?
Mark P
Better than you'd think for a pitcher with a 4.74 ERA.  E-Rod's secondary metrics significantly outpaced his ERA, and he had quite a bit of bad BABIP luck.  I think there's a solid multi-year deal out there for him, but it also wouldn't be a shock to see Rodriguez take a one-year pillow contract to re-establish his market for next winter.
Ed McW
what would a Wander Franco extension look possibly? and do you think rays try to bang something out ? And safe to say wander is the ROY ? only 70 games but if you rate his fwar to a full 162 it comes out to like a 5.7 i believe
Mark P
If Wander hadn't gotten hurt, I suspect he would've been the ROY.  But guys like Arozarena or Adolis Garcia had the extra playing time and also strong numbers.

As for an extension, I wonder if the Rays might have missed their chance in not locking Franco up to a pre-career deal.
Tony H
How do you rate the GMs? Winning is obviously a big factor but I think the payroll has to be a controlling factor. I also think consistency over a period of years is a factor. My top 5 are: Cashman, Neander, Mozeliak, Anthapolis, and Antonetti (no order). Friedman simply buys talent. Maybe too harsh since he did well with the Rays
Mark P
It's so hard to rate GMs/PBOs since there are so many factors that we're not aware of (i.e. whether an executive's moves or non-moves are directed by ownership rather than the exec himself).

I'll cop out and hold off on a top five, but I will say that you are drastically underrating Friedman.  The Dodgers do a fantastic job of drafting and developing their homegrown talent, and in finding hidden gems from other teams --- it's far from Friedman just throwing money at big names.
How likely is it the Yankees make a play for Matt Chapman? Maybe Gio and a couple prospects for Chapman?
Mark P
A move like that makes sense on paper, except if Chapman has third base locked down, that implies Gleyber at 2B and LeMahieu at 1B, and the Yankees might prefer a bit more flexibility around the infield.  Of course, that doesn't mean Gleyber couldn't be dealt as well.
Big John
Can we expect Mariners payroll to be over 100M in 2022?
Mark P
Absolutely.  Dipoto has already said he's looking to add to a winning core, and the Mariners' payroll was already over $73MM to start this season.
Can Rendon and his contract be moved like Cano was a few years ago?
Mark P
Sure.  But, I would also point out that giving up on Rendon after just one season is more than a little rash.  If he's healthy, Rendon is still a top-tier player.
Do Yankees go stop gap at SS with their top prospects being SS?
Mark P
They probably shouldn't, considering there's no guarantee Volpe/Peraza will be instant hits at the MLB level, and both are still at least a year away.  

Plus, either the prospects or a big-name SS signing could potentially be moved to another infield position.  Hypothetically, if the Yankees signed Semien, he might be open to moving to second base in a couple of years to accommodate one of the youngsters if they live up to the hype
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